ASUS P2B and 80 GB HDD

Im plan to upgrade to Seagata barracuda 80GB but I heard that some people having difficulties with such large ( > 40GB) HDD.
Is there someone has expirience with this?

BTW my P2B using Bios v. 1014B003

I also have a Asus P2B.

Now I use a 120GB Maxtor 5400rpm without any problem.
First I had some problems, but after updating to bios 1004beta3 they were gone.

Old versions from microsoft fdisk don’t work with large drives (even from windows98se)!
I used Partition magic 7 to partition and format.

If you want to use Windows 98 with a drive larger than 64GB you need this update:;EN-US;Q263044&
This package also contains an updated fdisk.exe (you can use WinRAR or Winzip to extract fdisk.98x and rename it to fdisk.exe)
Or install it on a Windows 98 system.

Good luck,

Waldo Monster

I thought 137GB will be the next barrier.

Who has expressions with a 160GB or larger drive on an Asus P2B?
I mean the primary master not a second drive!

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If you have this system still
You have the latest bios installed which gives you capabilities for harddrives over 65 gb - also can i recomend that you set the cpu to 100 mhz and set the other jumper to 4.5 which will turn your system to 450 mhz i ran mine this way for 4 years with no problems - but i picked up a 500 mhz pIII for free so i dont use the other one now

gotta love ‘t3h n00bs’ replying to 4 year old threads :doh: