this lite-on drive…

or this asus drive…

also i need to know does the MTKFLASH program work on both of these drives?

cause i really want a drive i can revive from a bad flash like i can with my old lite-on 24102b using the DOS version of mtkflash.

basically my main question is which drive would u get? either one really have any advantages over the other?

also my main reason for getting this drive is for reading DVD+R disks!

thanks for your time.

liteon…hands down

I like Asus myself, but LiteON are also good.

well the lite-on does support reading of DVD+R disks right? and they both support MTKFLASH right?

if so ill probably go with the lite-on :wink:

I have heard that Asus are good readers, but I love my Liteon XJ-HD166S and would recommend it to anyone. :slight_smile:



thanks for the replys, but do BOTH of those drives support MTKFLASH? (the dos utility to recover from bad firmware flashes)

and are they about the same on READING DVD+R disks?

You do not have the same drive as the one he is evaluating, and not all products by the same company deserve equal praise.

To answer your question NBR, mtkflash will not work on the Asus, because the revised E616P is based on Pioneer drive and not a mediatek chipset. It will work on the original E616, but I doubt you’ll find one and personally I think it is a sub-par drive (yes I own one).

I think it is a sub-par drive

Why do you say that? Mine’s been nothing but a blessing.

ok thanks alot that sums up which drive im gonna get and thats gonna be the lite-on drive cause i aint gonna buy a drive that dont support MTKFLASH :)… the lite-on does READ DVD+R disks right?

cause like i said i am PRIMARILY getting the drive to read DVD+R disks

Because mines been nothing but a curse :wink:


i dont suppose you own this drive do u?.. i would like to get a little info from people who own this drive to :wink:

also do all drives in generall read DVD+R disks slow?.. cause i know someone with a SONY drive that reads dvd+r’s and it tends to read em ALOT slower than store boughten movie dvd’s… i take it this is normall?

thanks for your time.

Not all DVD+R media are created equal.

ok thanks everyone u answered basically all my questions :wink: … im definately going with the lite-on drive.