Asus nvidia

hi as part of my new scan built pc i had a asus bravo gt 220 graphics card, i have had lots of problems with the card or/and software.
as a result scan sent me out another card but the same things are happening, black screen no desktop icons etc.
does anyone think its the nvidia drivers?
would it be worth another type/model of card? it seems to be the way forward.


this could be some totally different component of your computer, not only the VGA card. If you think the VGA driver is the culprit, then simply install an older version and see if this performs better.


when i take the drivers off it is fine! i am running windows 7 64bit
would this cause any problems?

List your hardware

4 internal hd western digital,corsair 6gb memory xms,
my hd for o/s is wd 640gb 6g.
what else do you need to know?

Your full hardware specs including model number(s)