Asus Notebook with TOshiba SD-R2312 - PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi, I’m new here and please forgive my language (english is not my motherlanguage). This is my problem:
I updated my CDRW/DVD-ROM Firmware to last version I found here (1905).
I made it by bootable cd-rom.
I run new firmware and it seemed to work.

But when I restarted my notebook my COMBO Drive couldn’t be recognized by BIOS and my Hard Disk couldn’t start Windows.

After BIOS recognitions my notebook seem to dead.
I tried to start it by USB FDD Drive and to rewrite original 1708 fIrmware. But it doesn’t work beacuse my COMBO Drive wasn’t recognized at the start-up.

Please help me to find a solution beacuse I can’t use my notebook.