ASUS' new multi drive optimises disc burning



I just posted the article ASUS’ new multi drive optimises disc burning.

ASUS has announced a new DVD rewriter, called the DRW-20B1S/B1ST, that supports 12x DVD-RAM writes, 20x DVD+/-R and 12x DVD+/-R double layer media sources. The rewriter features an Optimal Turning…

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It’s actually two drives…


What do you mean it’s actually two drives?


Two models: DRW-20B1S (PATA) DRW-20B1ST (SATA) :S


Um… Wasn’t that obvious? BTW - It would be good to have some means to reset the remembered MID profile. Discs’ properties from different plants vary a lot (made in Singapore vs. made in India, etc.).


seems a lot like my lite-on 20a3s i wonder if it is a re badged litty can any one confirm?