ASUS motherboards



i can’t figure out to reset the c-mos on my ASUS A7N8X-e motherboard. please help me if you can. thanks in advance:sad:


If you don’t have the manual for your mother board go here and enter ‘clear cmos’ (without the single quotes) in the search field. You have power off, remove the battery and move a jumper.


Some of the Asus boards just had solder pads where the jumpers should be, most are normal though. My older K8N-E had just the pads, pretty sure this newer AN8 SLI deluxe one has the jumper.
the Asus site should also have the Manuals for download so you can figure it out or try one of the Asus/computer forums and ask in them as well.
Pulling the battery should do it as well after a minute or so to let everything bleed down. Usually if you reset the jumper you don’t have to remove the battery


The A7N8X* boards have a jumper. The exact procedure is covered in the manual (with pictures). If you don’t have the manual, it is available on the ASUS website.