ASUS motherboard do I have to run ATI or Nvidia VID card

Im new, and not trying rub anyone in the wrong way! Im looking at a ASUS mobo, it says ATI Crossfire Technologies, so do I have to run ATI cards or can I run Nvidia also. Thanks for the input!!!
MOBO. is from Tiger Direct M3A78-T im trying it out for gamming.

Crossfire means it supports two ATI/AMD video cards. The latest cards are the model 4850 and 4870. The 4850 is a very good deal and if you eventually get two of them it will be plenty fast.

Since that particular MB has onboard AMD video, it wouldnn’t be a good idea to use an Nvidia video card in it. But with a MB that supports crossfire, it can only run one Nvidia video card, but no one would really do that though.

Thanks for the info? Don’t mean to be a bother to people!! Im trying to build a good gamming tower and 1000 is my limit so any info is greatly appreciated. Im starting with a amd 6400 cpu and im trying to build around that . Thanks

I just read on newegg the board that you want doesn’t run at full x16/x16 crossfire. A better choice that is affordable is the DFI LANPARTY DK 790FX-M2RS, that would be my pick. Plop in two AMD 4850 video cards and that would be blaz’n.

Did you want that 6400 because it has 2mb L2 cache, or for its clock speed? I think this is a new model AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.1GHz Socket AM2 89W, more energy efficient and a little cheaper. Most of the AMD chips (dual core ones) can OC to around the same area with good cooling, so its not always worth the extra model for the top-end model if you plan on OC’ing it. Which 6400 were you looking at, was it 65nm or 90nm? I’m not sure if there is a 65nm version available yet.

Thanks for the info. greatley appreciated. I bid on e-bay for the AMD 6400 black edition cpu im pretty sure its the 90nm. thanks for the help any ifo is great.