Asus memo pad 10 movie

soon to get an ASUS MeMO and looking for a sticky or how-to for viewing movies, i have been using anydvd and clone dvd for dvd, but now going to the tablet, if several movies are stored on a micro sd is there an issue with right clicking the file to change the name

ok it looks like handbrake is the way to go but do i still need to have anydvd scan and remove protection first?

Its best to use AnyDVD to remove encryption, then work with the movie using Handbrake, or any of the other encoding programs that can use the X264 encoder.

I personally prefer to rip the entire movie to the hard drive of my computer, then convert, but others just have AnyDVD running in the background and work from the disc in the optical drive.

Lately I’ve been using VidCoder instead of Handbrake to make conversions to mkv. The mkv files work fine from a microsd card in my Nexus 7 (2013). Since there is no built in sd slot in the Nexus, I use an adapter in the microusb port. And I use Stickmount in Android 4.4.2.

The best video player in Android that I’ve found so far is MX Player Pro. The free version should be fine too, though it shows ads when not playing the movie. I’m also trying Dice player.

thanks for the reply this is the kind of info that i am looking for, if i understand you correctly i should rip the movie to the harddrive via anydvd then put it on a microsd card via handbrake or vidcoder is this correct

^That is one process that will work, yes. Do your conversion with Handbrake or Vidcoder and transfer it to a microsd card.

The Android tablet preset should work for you in VidCoder or Handbrake. I’ve found that movies made with higher quality settings also work in my tablet, but I’ve had to turn off hardware acceleration in the player for those.