ASUS MB & Athlon 2600

I just aquired a Athlon 2600 dkv3d cpu and ASUS A7V8X-X MB. I am considering building a new system for my dvd and audio work and was wondering if anyone has any info or comments on this combination for a media system. I am currently using a Athlon 1800, ECS K7SEM MB, ATI VIVO card, and Audigy Platinum sound. I would leave this system intact, and start a new one with the 2600 with a new videocard and Terratec soundcard as I do alot of vinyl restoration. Any comments pro or con? As my current system runs great I am leary about settting up a new one for my media. Also would it even be much better? Other than the Terratec sound card of course. Maybe I should just sell the new board and cpu and buy the Terratec for my current system?

I’ve had a ASUS A7X8X and Athlon 2700 for a year now and it rips through all my media and gaming needs just fine. Yes a 3200 or a Pentium 3.2 would be nice; but the money I’d need to spend would be overkill. Although I’d like dual channel DDR and SATA, it’s still a very good media rig imho.
You should notice a nice speed jump with the extra MHz and a 166 compared to 133 FSB. If your RAM is decent you should be able to overclock it a bit (let’s say 174 FSB and that’ll bump you up to just over 2 GHz) with stock cooling to get an even bigger jump.

I don’t see anything wrong with the system you aquired. Okay, it isn’t the latest technology you got, but it still can do loads of nice stuff within reasonable time. As it has a higher FSB and a faster chipset, the performance in tasks that require quite some heavy computations will be better (of course the CPU has a nice part in this as well).

The V8 series boards (based on the VIA KT400 chips) works nice. The relation between price and performance is good.

Thanks for the comments. My nephew is into gaming and just went to a Athlon 64. He also gave me a CoolMaster Aero 7 Lite cooler CP5-8J711F. I assume that is a step up in cooling from the stock cooler. Just have to find a decent case and memory and I’ll be on my way. Soon to get a Terratec after reading the posts by Boskin and the reviews he had linked comparing the Creative and Terratec.

I have a memory of VIA that they tended to screw up PCI Latency on their chipsets which could lead to reduced performance and issues with sound cards which made them to less favourable chipsets for audio recordings. I’m not sure if it’s fixed nor not but if you get pops while recording google for a patch or check the bios for such a setting. Based my own experiences I’d go for SiS (Your ECS mobo is based on SiS730), very solid chipsets and I haven’t bumped into any compatibility issues. I wouldn’t recommend overclocking using a A7V8X-X since it doesn’t feature a PCI Frequency Lock. DualDDR is quite overrated unless you have integrated graphics on the K7 platform.

I was going to ask if anyone recalled that problem! Thanks for bringing it up DiiZzy. I seem to remember some posts a while back about conflicts with the VIA chipset but I believe it was limited to the Creative cards and drivers. Maybe Boskin or Dee-ehn could lend some info on this? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I had that exact problem on my old board where the audio was crackly and would kind of skip etc. Got it to work about a year ago and then a crash caused a reformat and I never could get it working again, even with the VIA PCI Latency Patch. So I got a new board with nforce2 chipset and no problems :slight_smile:

Well the bug is there allright. From my personal experience however, I must say that it isn’t that bad. When doing a certain (not so common) kind of data transfer and playing sound through certain Creative audio cards (Soundblaster Live! and up), data corruption may occur. There is a software patch for this however.

I have owned / do own KT133, KT133a, KT266a, KM266, KT333 and KT400 based boards and they all were/are equipped with a SB Live / SB Audigy card, and I never had a single problem. I know more than enough people that still have such a combo that’s running fine.

If you want to be sure that nothing goes wrong: use the board with a no-Creative soundcard… but as I said, the problem isn’t that bad.

I thought Athlon Barton 3200+ was expensive but looking at the PriceWatch price lists, I guess even 3200+ is not that expensive.