ASUS M4N72-E error code 12

My new ASUS M4N72-E motherboard is giving me a error code of 12 and yes I did do some searching and they told me on M$ and various site what the problem might be but I can still access but I haven’t tried to burn DL media on my dvd burner but I give that a try tonight. I tried to find what might be the cause of the error code 12 but the motherboard has only one IDE connector so why would it be talking about the other secondary IDE?? That is what lost me? The computer message error says not enough interrupts was available for the resource but I can seem to figure out how give it more resource when it says it used up all available resources. I did make sure to load all the correct drivers for the motherboard and my IDE silicon addin card and it installed those without any problems. But other then taking a little longer when first starts up it goes without a hitch or problem. I can use Acronis to image the main to another HDD but if I try to go to a flash stick it freezes or gets stuck for long time. So if someone else has a solution to what I found on the internet would be great or if someone else has the same motherboard with XP pro SP3 might have more insight as this is my first new motherboard in 9 years.

Have you contacted Asus support? Once I had a totally different issue with MSI mobo, and MSI support was very helpful and correctly identified the cause and had the simple fix in just a couple of minutes.

Update solution fixed…not sure what was the cause but reinstalled the O/S and use Floppy to update drivers and the code 12 vanished it does show the secondary IDE controller but no more problems?? Not sure what gives but I guess Slipstreaming to SP3 with updates and having current drivers on Floppy helps. So the Floppy is still useful in my case.