ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard problem


I have an ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard. This mobo has video onboard and it’s an nVidia 6150. I shared for video 128MB from my 2048MB of 2x1GB in dual channel mode Geil Ultra DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 memory.
Actually this kind of memory is not on the QVL list of this motherboard. I mean ASUS id not saying that this memory is OK to use with this motherboard. I couldn’t find Kingston at the moment of buying components for my PC and I bought those Geil memories. My computer is working fine with that memory except one thing.
CPU-Z is telling me that is working in 5-5-5-15 not 4-4-4-12 but that’s OK because I understand that is not on QVL list, but I have some issues at from standby wake-up moment using Win XP SP2 32bit. It gave me some blue-screen error with smaller fonts and I don’t have time for reading because the system is restarting. Unfortunately I don’t have some photo camera to make a photo. At each wake-up from standby is giving me the same error and same restart.

I tried to install Win XP x64 SP2. This was OK except now that it’s doing the same at wake -up from standby, and … Win XP x64 has some problems at starting up. Before the welcome screen appears, at the moment of “rolling blue” and drivers loading it’s just restarting. It’s doing this for about 3 or 4 times and after that it can finally complete load.

Could this be a memory issue or just a video-onboard issue? I installed the latest ASUS video drivers and nVidia drivers and the problem persist.

Soon I’ll buy some Kingston CL4 memory who is on QVL list and I’m hoping that only the memory was the problem, but if you have some other idea please let me know.

The reason that your memory is running at 5-5-5 instead of 4-4-4 is because you have to manually enter the faster timmings in the BIOS. They do this because it makes them compatiable for motherboards that have immature BIOS’s that are not ready to accept the faster 4-4-4 timmings. I don’t think you need to buy new ram, the QVL means only that they havent’ tested the memory that you are using. You never see a QVL that lists memory not to use.

Before you set the faster timmings, do two things, first update your motherboards BIOS. Second, download a copy of memtest86+ with this little program you can test the stability of you RAM. when setting the timmings to 4-4-4-12 and gradually increase the voltage from 1.8-2.? until they are not making any errors. the memtest program allows you to make a bootable floppy disc and it will run in DOS. Let it run for atleast 30 minutes to make sure the memory doesn’t make any errors.

There’s a good chance that your computer waking up problem will be fixed when you install the latest MB BIOS.

Thanks [B]eric93se[/B] for reaction

I think I might have find the problem. I think is the AMD CPU driver.
I’ve already flashed the latest BIOS after buying the motherboard.
The only driver that’s not the latest one is for CPU. I have an Athlon X2 BE-2400 CPU and default Win XP drivers (both 32bit amd x64 version) was from 2004. I took the latest drivers from AMD site and , on Win XP SP2 32bit that I’m using now, it can succesfuly wake-up from stand-by . I must install Win XP x64 to see if there are problems there. In readme file of new CPU drivers package it’s written that they have fixed S3 issues :
"Driver Version 6/19/06:

Driver Change - This release fixes an S3/S4 “Resume” event issue introduced in driver v1.3.1. Specifically, this driver properly restores the p-state that was in effect at the previous S3/S4 “Suspend” event.
Known Issues - None.
Driver Version 5/11/06:

Driver Change - This release fixes an S3/S4 “Suspend” issue introduced in driver v1.2.2.
Known Issues - Under power schemes where policy is enforced one (i.e., non-adaptive policy), on a “resume” event, the v1.3.1 driver fails to restore the p-state that was in effect at the corresponding “suspend” event. This condition remains in effect until there is a change in policy, either by a change in power source (AC/DC), or a change in power scheme.
Impact of Known Issues - Either battery life or performance, depending on the expected p-state, compared to the current p-state. For example, resuming at a high p-state, instead of the expected low p-state, would degrade battery life.
Driver Version 4/14/06:

Driver Change -Support added for 100Mhz frequency steps when available.
Driver Version - 3/09/05:

The processor driver supports performance state transitions on the AMD dual-core processor systems.
Known Issues - Under power schemes that enforce adaptive policy (e.g., “Portable Laptop”), and under stress conditions that force the processor to make p-state transitions, while at the same time the system is attempting to “suspend” (S3/S4 sleep state), the v1.2.2 driver may reach a dead-lock condition by attempting a p-state transition while in the midst of the “suspend sequence.
Impact of Known Issues - Investigation and testing confirms that the dead-lock condition is very unlikely to occur under normal user scenarios. However, if it does occur, the system will soft-lock (e.g., the system will remain at: “Preparing to Standby…”), and would have to be rebooted."

I’ll try to test with memtest my memory
Anyway …:slight_smile: I’ll buy some HyperX Kingston memories soon, I’ve heard that they are better than my Geil.

[QUOTE=Vasy;2028871]I’ll try to test with memtest my memory
Anyway …:slight_smile: I’ll buy some HyperX Kingston memories soon, I’ve heard that they are better than my Geil.[/QUOTE]

You won’t see any performance difference, but good luck anyway. :slight_smile:

I could give 1.9V to my Geils and manually set 4-4-4 and it’s ok. I believed my mobo is not fully compatible with those memories, but I was wrong :). I could say I’m lucky because only 1.9V is the maximum I can set for DDR2 Voltage.
Read some memory reviews, and I decided to stay calm with my Geils :slight_smile: Thanks again eric93se :slight_smile: and a good day to you!