Asus lightscribe 1814BL



can somebody please help, i bought an Asus Lightscribe on the weekend.
it came with Nero 7. when i went to print an image it tells me i need a lightscribe disc
is there a way i can print on just any disc, or does it have to be a lightscribe disc???
do i need to download a copy of lightscribe system software.
there is a Lightscribe icon in the task bar, but it doesnt give any options.
please help.


Welcome to CD Freaks. :flower:

You definitely need to have a special disc with a LightScribe side along with the normal side. [Referred to as LightScribe discs].

See the LightScribe website for more information:


thanks albert
and what about the Lightscribe system software, do i need to download it from the lightscribe website, or is that version the same as what i have on the nero 7 disc?



I think that, if you used the CD that came with the drive, your version is probably older. However, before you update, I suggest you make sure that you can do LightScribe now. Then, if it works, try the update. The update may be meant to fix something, but might break more things. :wink: