Asus Laptop DVDRW

Hi All,

I have an asus AJ7C series laptop and the DVD drive is shot. It says that it is a TS-L632L in device manager. I physically removed the drive and its label is marked as follows. TS-L632L/ASCF.

When i search for this drive everything is refers to Compaq or HP laptops.
Is this a generic drive that i can purchase anywhere or do i need to have the genuine asus? I wasnt sure about the ASCF?

I would appreciate any feedback here.
Any ideas where the place to purchase one of these is?


Yup, you need this drive with the ASUS OEM firmware.

Thanks Chef,

Any idea where i can source one of these drives? My local Asus dealer in Sydney wants to charge me $350 for one of these.

Please contact the ASUS support and ask for an firmware update.