ASUS K8N-SE - Too much RAM..?

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Today i upgraded my computer a little. At first i wanted to put in an additional 500 GB SATA hard drive - but at the shop they informed (a young techie did in fact) that this kind of mainboard runs EITHER SATA OR IDE. Well, i have a bunch of IDE drives in there already (two hard drives, two DVD drives) and i don’t want to have to install Vista again… so i went for a 500 GB IDE drive, to replace the 40 GB one. This works fine.

However since i was there i also decided to go for more RAM. The board has three slots for DDR 1, and i had a Kingston 512 MB module in each slot. The mainboard manual says it can take 3x 1 GB DIMM’s, so that’s what i bought - 3 sticks of 1 GB Kingston, 100% identical ones.

After putting them in, Vista (32 bit) would not boot. Started but got the point where the moving bar is shown,and stopped there dead. Had to push reset to restart.

Done that quite a few times - no luck.

I then took out one of the 1 GB sticks - and it all worked fine again!
I then tested that - tried each stick in one slot - all three are perfectly ok.

Tried different combination of sockets - no matter how i try, with TWO of the 1 GB sticks it works fine, regardless which slot i leave free - with all three - no boot.

I then tested putting in one of the old 512ers in the third slot. Vista booted! and worked seemingly normal. However it would freeze on shut down! Reset again - and now again it would not boot!

Removed the 512 stick - and everything works again!

Now is it possible that 3 GB is too much for the mainboard, even tough it’s manual says it’s ok? Or is 3 GB too much for Vista…??

My machine runs on a Sempron 2800+, all stock, no overclocking. How can i make it happen that all three RAM’s will work? I don’t want to buy a new board again…

Apreciate any advise…

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Some 754 boards had problems when running witch 3 modules, so it seems to be your cause :frowning:

Try passing a memtest witch the 3 modules and tell us if you get errors

Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply… but unfortunately it’s too late, i got a reply directly from ASUS and they said that this board can only run a double-sided module in every slot if they are set to 266 MHz… since i got everything in the BIOS set to “Auto” it tried with 400 MHz as the new RAM’s are 400 MHz ones (the old ones were 266 MHz indeed!) and that didn’t work…

But the machine is one heck faster than before! So i decided to stay with the 2 GB now and sold the “leftover” module to my boss :slight_smile:

But thanks for reply, i apreciate it :slight_smile:

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There is a bug in Vista (both 32b and 64b)… 3GB+ of ram causes BSOD to appear on boot.

However there is a fix

Remove 1GB of ram to leave you with 2GB max
Install this fix
Don’t restart the PC but instead shut it down
Install the memory you removed previously

Hey presto you have 3GB (or more probably 2.8GB in Vista32) of memory running.