Asus introduces slick looking Blu-ray combo drive

I just posted the article Asus introduces slick looking Blu-ray combo drive.

Asus has introduced a new USB 2.0-powered external Blu-ray combo drive that doesn’t require an external power source, though several major questions remain about the drive.

The Asus SBC-04D1S-U…

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I like the design and the glowing X. Looks pretty cool.

Why did they stand it on its side? So you can knock it over, break it and buy another one ? It is so thin, I would have made a flip stand on the bottom of the front that collapsed into the device when not in use. when you wanted to use the player, you flip down the stand, raising it a bit off the surface it is setting on and then you can insert a disc easier as well. Probably have some soft rubber tabs on the back so it does not slide. This would also be a lot easier to transport than that idiotic configurration pictured. Who wants to schlepp around with that stand?

Crabby, it does mention in the text that you can also lay it down… are we grumpy today or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Today? :slight_smile:

Yeah, why should “today” be any different?

It would be nice if it had an HDMI connection so that you could play blue-ray disks on it directly to your TV from it.

Then you would have a Blu-ray player, not a drive. The HDMI output would require a video card, which would not be able to use USB power and which would therefore require a power supply and a power cord and a cooling fan, etc.

It would be interesting if a TV maker would enable their USB equiped TVs to display, in addition to the still pics they can display now, video streams (Mpeg, Xvid, whatever, files or discs) from USB devices connected to the TV. Then maybe a drive like this could be portable between the TV and your PC.

That would again need extra hardware included in the TV that would add up to the final cost; making the prodict economically not viable compared to the competition since the people with such drives as this one are scarce. Most people have standalones.

Well, it would appear that Samsung already has some sort of decoding support hardware in their TVs with the Wiselink Pro system, which it would appear allow them to play back video files stored on USB. The claimed supported codecs are MPEG1, MPEG2 PS/TS, MPEG4/H.264. So the cost must not be too out of the world. Now if they could get the USB support to recognize drives and the content on those drives in addition to USB sticks that would be cool.