Asus? i still don't kknow why i bought it!

hi u all, i have the asus dvd e616 and i ve seen the forum reachin almost one year of discusion. but ok that’s over now, i’d like to bring one more asus “stupidity” or mine perhaps! i also have the asus cd-s520/a problem is mine must be from the future or something its firmware revision is 1.6 whereas i found that the firmwares go up to 1.41 for the a4 and 1.22 for the a5. problem is how do i find out which of th 2 i have and even so why does my firmware don’t appear nowhere in the asus page or in the other well known firmware pages? is it the cd-s520 mystery following it’s young brother e616 mystery?

i would be more than happy to post also a pic form neroinfotool but i don’t know

Interesting fact. the ASUS S480 (aka HP CD rom drive) has the S520 A4 designation on the printed circuit board! The one I have uses the Winbond chipset for FLASH memory and you can use the MtKFLASH utility to backup and flash the EPROM. I’ve been trying to locate the firmware for this since it has a bad flash due to crappy HP flashing software. The existing version on are all executable with the firmware in the EXE file. :frowning: I need the raw bin. If you feel industrious, maybe you can use MtKFLASH to backup your firmware and send to me ?