ASUS GH95N Firmware?



Hi I have an ASUS GH95N drive and I’d like to edit the burn speed with mediacodespeededit. I can’t find much on the net about it all I could find is that it’s supposedly an LG gh24ns95 rebadge but when I download the latest f/w and try to use it I get no ATAPI device found.

Is it another type of drive because I can’t find anything on google about an actual GH95N?


First things first: that drive is going to be too new to use with MCSE, and there is no other tool available for what you want to do. Assuming it actually is a GH24NS95.

As for crossflashing, there might be a way, but I am not completely sure if it’s possible. The original 24NS95 firmware does not offer many write speeds, though, so not much benefit exists in crossflashing.