Asus getting ready to launch at least 5 Ultrabooks



Asus getting ready to launch at least 5 Ultrabooks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Intel has been pushing their concept of a Ultrabook for a while now. The vision are ultra thin, ultra light, laptops with a target price of $999 or less. According to the chairman of Asus, Johnny Shih, the company is getting at least 5 ultra book models ready for an October release.

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Are you kidding ? The top Mac Book Air is 1599 (in CAD anyway), who’s gonna buy an ASUS for more ? What will be the competitive advantage, a 15" screen ?

Good luck with that.


With notebooks that thin, extreme overclocking is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED, hehehe! I don’t think there is a big luxury market for ultra thin laptops. Desktop replacements are going to be more in demand. Then watch falloff for desktop PC’s as laptops can do good gaming AND are upgradeable & more versatile/less proprietary than they used to be. The gaming desktop replacement sweet spot should be between $500 - $1000. 2-4 cores 2 - 4 ghz, 4-16gb memory, 500gb-3tb hard drives, radeon 5400-6970 1-4gb memory, etc.

OK, maybe those high end specs would demand higher prices than $1k, but ya gotta start somewhere… or tablets will keep dragging the pc industry down to lower and lower specs.