ASUS GeForce EN8600GT - Tell Me More


Just bought a new GPU (ASUS GeForce EN8600GT 256Mb). Is this card good or what? NVidia System Information tells me that is has 512Mb memory? :p:p:p

Tell Me More Please… :flower:

Is better to use the ASUS VGA driver or the NVIDIA Official one?

What do you plan to use the card for, graphics rendering, heavy gaming, video editing???

Tell us what your needs are for this and we can then begin to presume fi this card is good for your needs, as well as which drivers might be better for your needs.

Not heavy gaming because the card is not capable of that… normal gaming maybe… ;);):wink:

I am using the latest drivers from NVidia but the Asus drivers are capable of more than the NVidia ones?

How far can i go in overclocking the 8600GT?

Go to OverclockersUK or Toms Hardware n look in their Forums for the Answers…I Got that Card on my New PC and it Works Very, Very Well…It Plays Unreal Tournament Easily, but I don’t play any other Games…Photography mostly…I don’t Overclock Graphics Cards but I think the NVidia has one for it…Check “” you should find all the Info + Drivers in there.

Thank you my friend… :):):slight_smile: