ASUS flextraspeed...again

Heya all !
I’m wondering (really, really hard :slight_smile: )if U can disable asus’s flextraspeed. I saw the other posts on this forum sayng that U couldn’t…but I’ve read elsewhere that it’ possible only with nero burning rom(maybe from neros reg settings) Know anything about this ? Whould an updated firmware help ?

Did you by chance take a look in Nero under Recorder-Choose Recorder-Options. If it has that capability, then that’s where it will be located.

There maybe a temporary choice in the write CD dialog under Burn.

From nero’s interface U can’t disable flextraSpeed, only flextralink !

Posted by: BadReligionPR

Flextraspeed is like smartburn - it chooses the best speed based on the media you use. All those programs support the drive, Nero is apparently the only one which supports turning flextraspeed off (so you can write above reccomended speed)

What about this ???

If there were no options under those two locations I gave you, then it maynot be possible. :confused:
Best suggestion would be send Ahead an Email to see if they included that option. Maybe BadReligionPr may be able to help … Any reason why you need Flexspeed disabled. If your media is not compatable, then change media. :slight_smile: