Asus External DVDRW problem

Hi i just got a Asus External DVDRW the model it says in device manager is HL-DT-ST GSA-T10N it has direct power from USB and is connected to my Laptop thru USB. now my problem is that when i connect the device it reads and write CDs withoutany problem but it only reads a DVD but does not Burns it.
I was trying to burn a DVD with4.1 GB data from my other laptop which has a Combo drive embedded, but the drive returns saying that the DVD only has 308 mb of free space where as its blank.

Cansome1 tellme what might be the problem.

I am much new on this side so will really appriciate if some1 can help me with this.



@ Afzy,

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What is the MID (Manufacturer ID and Media Code) of the blank DVD Media you are attempting to use? What is the Model Number and Firmware version of your Asus External DVD Burner? To obtain this requested information use DVDInfo (

You have posted this exact same question in both this Forum and the LG DVD Burner Forum. Suggest reviewing the Forum Rules ( and note the comments concerning Double Posting.


Afzy, as bjkg says, crossposting is against our rules. It just creates more work for our members, as some will post in one thread and some in the other, and the answers may say the same thing. So to avoid this, I’ve deleted the other thread.

I hope you find a solution to your problem and enjoy your time on cdfreaks. :slight_smile: