Asus E616P2 causing problem

Just tried my second Asus E616P2. Both drives would not work in my computer. I saw a message on another site where someone was having the same problem. He said that the drive was locking up his IDE channel. Sounds like what is happening to me. The drive is reconized by Intel Application Acc. and by XP, but I cannot play from a CD or DVD. It locks my system. I have set the unit to Slave which was what the old Asus drive I am replacing was set to. The firmware is 1.03.

Any ideas as to what is happening?

2.4 MHz
Asus P4B266

I have that kind of problem. When i put cd into my Asus E-616P2 drive computer freezes and i can here that cd stopped spinning for a few seconds…then i have to do a restart without cd in the drive. I’ll try to change IDE cable and roll back firmware but if that doesn’t help i don’t know what to do…plz if anyone have solved this problem post your solution…