Asus E616A3 region setting

If anyone in the world knows the answer to this problem, it’s gotta be the guys here!

I recently picked up an Asus E616A3 DVD-ROM drive (for the ATA-100 interface) and found that a few of my programs don’t like its region-free setting. I have been completely unable to set the drive to region 1, even after updating to the latest (v1.10) firmware.

Is this a limitation of the firmware? Does anyone know if there are plans to make a refion 1 compatible firmware for this drive?

Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.


Region 1 has nothing to do with REGION FREE.

Perhaps I mis-spoke myself. The Region Code is presently not set on the drive (isn’t that essentially the same as region-free?). The fact that the drive is [U]not[/U] set to Region 1 is causing some programs to not run and others to run with difficulty. My primary aim is to set the drive to Region 1, which is not being allowed to happen.

I have tried the standard method of setting from the DVD Region tab of the properties dialog. I have also tried the same method while logged in as Administrator in safe mode.

Is this a problem of the firmware not supporting region code setting, or is there some special utility I need to change the setting?

[B]NOT SET is not region free, else rpc1 patches were not necessary.[/B]

Most drives NEED a region to be set before they can act as RPC1, anyway.

OK, good, now I have a clearer understanding of the situation.

I need to be able to set the drive to Region 1 (United States) so that PowerDVD will play movies and DVD Decrypter will extract without read errors. I am able to use an external drive (which is set to Region 1) with these programs, but would much rather be able to use the much faster internal drive.
As stated earlier, I am unable to change the Asus drive’s region setting. When I try, I get an error message and the region remains unset.

I get the feeling that I’m irritating you greatly, chef. I don’t mean to bother the members here, I’m just looking for help with a particular problem.
If I am asking the wrong questions or there simply is no help, let me know and I will cease posting here.

Maybe a trick works here, during bootup, press the eject button 5 secs.

Welcome to the forum, Zerotech :slight_smile:

Have you tried changing the region in Device Manager with a Region 1 disc in the drive?

I had a problem awhile back where it wouldn’t let me assign it to Region 2 without a R2 disc in the drive. :slight_smile:

I will try this again, my last post got lost somehow.

Thanks you for your responses.

[B]chef:[/B] I tried holding the eject button during boot-up, it had no effect.

[B]Arachne:[/B] Thank you for your welcome. :slight_smile:
I have tried three different things. First I tried playing a region 1 DVD with PowerDVD v5.0, which brought up a dialog box asking to set a region. I chose ‘1’, which brought up an error dialog box showing error number 809000F with the message “The disc’s region code does not match with the DVD player’s region designation”. Clicking on the ‘Detailed’ button brings up the message “The region code of this DVD player has been fixed. Only the discs that support this region may be played”.
Second, I tried setting the region code in Device Manager with the region 1 DVD in the drive.
Third, I tried logging in as Administrator in Safe Mode and, again, tried to set the region code in Device Manager with the region 1 DVD in the drive.
Both of those attempts brought up an error message with “DVD Region Change Error” in the title bar and the message “Unable to update region setting. Please make sure the drive contains a region 1 media and you have administration privilege.”

I have sent an e-mail to Asus tech support, but haven’t heard back yet.
I’m not sure what else I can do.


you might try DVDGenie, maybe that helps in your situation.


I just tried DVDGenie, it didn’t even fool PowerDVD.

Thanks anyway for the suggestion, Michael.