Asus E616A3 DVD-ROM



I have been reading good things about the Asus E616A2 drive and am interested in getting one. However, all I can find is the E616A3 drive, and I have not been able to find much info/reviews on the A3. Is the A3 as good as the A2 for reading, ripping, and error correction on DVDs and CDs? Thanks


One of the obvious differences between the A2 and the A3 is that the A2 has a [U]2MB buffer[/U], whereas the A3 has a [U]192KB buffer[/U]. Both can operate in UDMA5 mode (Ultra ATA100). I have two A2’s (see my sig) and have no apparent problems with either one. They are super fast, smooth & quiet! However, I can’t attest to their accuracy or error correction ability. Maybe someone else can weigh in here with some real test data on these drives.


Still prefer my lite on 1846 aac/pro above the asus e616a3… I have the impression it is slower than the lite on but it is very quiet… still haven t had any problems reading anything… In my vision, if speed doesn t matters, it s not a bad choice…