Asus E616A2 Read Problem

I recently purchased an Asus E616A2. I have the Asus set up as master on the secondary ide and my Nec 4551a as master on my primary ide. These are the only drives on my ide. I read 2 different dvd-r disks on both drives using Nero Cd-Dvd Speed. My Nec shows a possible read of 16X for both disks but my Asus shows up as having only a max speed of 10X. Could this be a media problem or some other problem?
My Asus shows up as having a dma 5. I believe that is correct for an ata-100 device.

I have not seen any posts of the max speed for this drive as most people buy it for the very good read abilities. 10X is adequate and it is possible that is what it is set to. Check it with a few different media, SL and DL and see what it actually gets. As a long shot, you could see if Drivespeed can change the settings.