ASUS E616 question

I have seen a lot of comments where the ASUS # 616 is highly recommended as a reader, but mainly in regards to DVDs. Is it just as good with CDs?

I don’t need another burner (yet - notice I didn’t say want :slight_smile: ), but am looking for a kind of last resort inexpensive reader for the more problematic CDs I own (Plextor is a bit on the very high side for me).

I just ripped a couple of cd’s that would not play in any other drive, standalone player ext… I own without skipping pretty much continuously on each and every song. With my new ASUS-dvd rom e616a2 it worked! I couldn’t believe it. I even put in one of my worst cd’s nothing with gashes though ( dont’ want to ruin the drive ), but some with scratches bigtime. It got everytune on one of my worst cds except the very last with a few glitches in the sound not really a skip but a weird noise. I am really impressed SO far with the cd side of things. Seems like a slow cd ripper compared to my NEC but who cares if it will save my oldies. As for dvd’s it rips like lightning compared to my NEC. Probally about as fast as my hardrive will let it. Depending on the encryption. I would say it’s a great reader for cd’s. Just my opinion i’m only familiar with two NEC’s and one ASUS drive. The cd rips saved me enough money to buy the drive. I paid like 21 USD+shipping ( around 27 USD shipped). I was gonna repurchase my cd’s that didn’t work but it saved them. Except the worst one and the last song which is my favorite. :frowning: I am gonna go through more of my collection to see how well it does. So far I would recomend it for what your looking for. If it saves just a few it’s paid for itself. You could look at it that way. Good luck

Thanks for the reply - Mine should be here tomorrow :slight_smile:

Found it for $26 including shipping - slow ripping won’t bother me, if I can get what won’t rip otherwise LOL

Cool I would like to hear how it turns out for you.

Bumpity bump.

I wouldn’t mind knowing if your getting good results with your cd rips/reads. I am still it’s saving some of my oldies, and rips fast for dvd’s ( main reason I bought it) pretty darn slow for cd’s though. Especially the damaged tunes rip slower, but seems to be saving most of them. If anyone already has a burner this is a great drive. Quiet while watching a movie, and still fast for dvd ripping. Plus the ability to save some of your old cd’s that may not work. Not saying it will play everything far from it, but it’s a pretty good reader. I’m sure the locals know this already :slight_smile:

I’m looking for more info on these Asus DVD-E616A2 drives Are these dvdrom drives riplocked? And how is the firmware support? Existant?

I’m not sure on the firmware. I never had to update it yet, or even looked into it. It rips what I put into it just dvd’s mainly and cd’s ( I know nothing of video games other than I got two to install in my computer with it. Something I couldn’t do before for some odd reason.). It’s not riplocked, because it cooks compared to my NEC drives 3520 (riplocked removed,) and NEC 3550 ( no riplock I think). Probally not much help here but it rips fast and the reader is pretty good to great from my little experience. Hasn’t saved all my cd’s but did some that weren’t playable before. Ripping dvd’s doesn’t take 30-45 minutes now. It’s a keeper in my books. Playback of movies is excellent, and quiet too. Ripping isn’t so quiet. Hope this helped some if you haven’t already purchased something else.

It’s a great reader but really slow on anything except single layer DVD-ROM discs. It’s a great candidate for riplock firmware but I haven’t been able to find any.


Well if the Asus units rip faster than 4x than it definitely isn’t riplocked, which is good (less likely have to mess with or look for 3rd party firmware). I’ve never used my NEC burners to rip anything because of the 2 readers in my signature :slight_smile:

This information helps. If I should need another reader the Asus units will be the first on my list since the ones I have are no longer made.