Asus E616 Need Help Mtkflash


i wanted to flash my dvd to firmware 2.0 rpc1 but my i got error
so i rebooted and now dvd is not detected by bios and windows
now when i try to flash again it say: Flash type: Unknow Flash Memory and i cant flash

i use this command
“mtkflash 4 w /a0 /b bide00.bin”
“mtkflash 4 w /a1 /b bide01.bin”

when i do “mtkflash c” it say: ManuID:6f ID1:6f bDevId:2f
so i think drive “answer”

my dvd is alone, slave secondary, and i cant flash
how can i have dvd back?

thx for help

Try a different version of mtkflash. Find them all here. In the zip with mtkflash from that site is an upgrade.bat file which makes the upgrading easier and you are less likely to mess up.

ok i tryed all version and it dont want to flash
always unknow flash memory(what does it mean?)

i got the unknow flash memory message too when i want to back-up my bios of my asus 52 speed drive. but with that message it made a nice bin file, wonder if it works :wink:

only thing i can think of is that the drive isnt supported by mtkflash and that you need a newer version of mtkflash or something

I have the same problem. I tried all the way but the mtkflash program always unknow flash memory, manuid: 6f, maunid1: 6f, bdevid: 26

does anyone know how to fix it?