ASUS DVR-1608P "Communication failure" in Nero 6

I’ve actually had my ASUS DVR-1608P for quite a while, but I haven’t actually tried to burn a DVD until now. I have Nero Express 6, and I’ve used it to successfully burn CD’s with this drive before (though I have a seperate CD-RW drive I tend to use most of the time for CD burning). I opened Nero, chose a DVD data disk and chose my drive letter, added the files (which came to about 4,400 MB), and then attempted to burn (at 1x, 2x, and 4x–they all produce the same result). After buffering the files, it starts the burn process and then immediately ends, and Nero gives me a “Communication error” burn process fail message…and that’s it. Nothing I’ve attempted has been any more successful or any more enlightening.

I’m running XP with two hard drives and two optical drives (this drive is the Master on the secondary IDE channel). My drive’s firmware is version 1.57, and I also have a problem upgrading to the newest firmware version 1.59 (it tells me “Failed to move to the normal mode” and asks if I want to retry or cancel. Retrying never helps).

Any information anyone can give me would be great!


Use a flat 80 conductor IDE cable.

Brother Vlad

Aha! Exactly what I needed for both problems.

I actually had the 80-conductor cable from when I got the drive, but I thought I’d already installed it. Evidently, I took the lazy way out and just changed out the drive on the old cable and just forgot about it. That was my problem, and now everything works fine.