Asus DVD writers

I noticed that on ASUS website several DVD writers are still listed.

I was aware that DRW-24D5MT is available, but it seems that DRW-24F1ST, DRW-24B1ST and DRW-24B3ST are available too and most likely are recently manufactured.

Does anyone know who makes these drives?

Only 2 manufacturers left, LG and LiteOn.

If the photos are correct, I would say it´s LG. I look at the front bezel and locate the emergency hole, the position should be the same for all drives with same mechanics. LiteOn have the hole near the Eject-Button, LG near the LED.

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In america, the asus dvdr drives I see are DRW-24F1ST and DRW-24B1ST.

Over the past few yars, the DRW-24F1ST appears to be an LG GH24NSD0 (or D1, D5/D6) series rebadges.

The DRW-24B1ST I haven’t seen lately. The last time I saw any just right before the pandemic started (circa late December 2019), they appeard to be LiteOn rebadges. Some were made in China, while others were made in the Philippines.

(I’m speculating LiteOn might have purchased the old Samsung dvd drive manufacturing facility in the Philippines, after Samsung/Toshiba TSST filed for bankruptcy back in 2016/2017).

The DRW-24B3ST appeared to be a boxed version of the DRW-24B1ST. Dunno about currently.

In practice, I have always found the Asus cataloging conventions for the dvd-r drives, somewhat convoluted and largely arbitrary.

For example, the DRW-24F1ST series was always a jumble. More than a decade ago, the first F1ST models were Samsung/TSST rebadges. Then sometime in the early-mid 2010s, the F1ST models were suddenly LiteOn rebadges.

In more recent times, the F1ST models became LG GH24NSD0 (or D1, D5/D6) rebadges with a slightly different firmware than the LG GH24NSD0 (or D1, D5/D6) models.

The main difference I found in the Asus DRW-24F1ST models which were LG GH24NSD0 (or D1, D5/D6) rebadges, was that the original actual LG GH24NSD0 (or D1, D5/D6) drives had a “fatal reading behavior” when reading dvd-video discs which had some physical damage.

In contrast, the Asus DRW-24F1ST rebadges of LG drives had a slightly different firmware which did not have this “fatal reading behavior”. So when the DRW-24F1ST encounters problematic sectors on dvd-video discs which it can’t correct properly, it just gives back a “read error”.

Isn’t it strange that they seem to offer four different drives with similar specifications made by the same manufacturer?

Maybe, it´s also hard to see the differences of the LG since GH24NSB0 to GH24NSD5, at least in writing quality.

Some of the modesl which are listed here aren´t available anymore.

I can only buy DRW-24D5MT locally, but DRW-24F1ST, DRW-24B1ST and DRW-24B3ST are all available online.

DRW-24F1ST and DRW-24B1ST are easily available locally. (ie. In stock at nearby offline computer stores in quantities over 10+).

I haven’t seen DRW-24B3ST in over a year.

I have never seen DRW-24D5MT locally.

The F1ST is from Amazon UK, the 20B1ST isn´t on stock (and maybe never will)