For Clone CD purposes, is the Asus DVD ROM as good a readers as the Asus CD ROMS?


from experience i had an asus e616 and it was perhaps the worst optical drive i have ever bought, numerous problems reading just about any disc ( cdr or silvers ), getting support for this drive was also an exercise in frustration ( getting firmware of asus site is damn near immpossible )

have others had similar experience ?

i now have a liteon ( JMLS ) drive and have no problems + the big up is the fact i can get firmware of the JMLS site no probs


By all accounts, except for gouki_akuma, the E616 reads as well as the CRW burners, which is a feat indeed.


I also have a Asus E616. The only thing I found that it did not like was making a BWA file in BlindWrite.


have an asus E616 DVD here

works very wel for SD protections (fast error skipping)
en subchannel data is also no problem for the asus DVD

im quite happy with the asus E616 DVD performance :slight_smile:


For Clone CD purposes wich is better:TOSHIBA 16X DVD / 48X CD DRIVE (SD-M172) OR The Asus 16x DVD/48x CD DRIVE (E616)??


one post will do - I deleted the other one