Asus DVD-E616P2 tray color

I am currently considering to buy a black Asus DVD-E616P2 drive. However, I want to be sure about one thing before buying it : is the tray also black, like the ones of the Plextor drives for example, or is it beige, like Toshiba drives ? I’ve seen some pictures of the old asus model, the DVD-E616P1, that actually had a black tray matching the bezel, but i’ve not been able to find any pics of the DVD-E616P2 showing the tray.
Thanks a lot for helping me find out !

I’m sure the tray is black.I haven’t ever seen a black faced drive have a white tray.Go to Newegg and read the reviews to see what you think.

Well, I happen to have a black Toshiba SD-M1802 that has a beige tray, And i’ve read that it’s also the case with a Lite-On drive, so that’s why i’m kinda worried.
I’m hoping that someone that has the drive can confirm that the tray is black.

Go to Asus Technical Support and ask em.