Asus DVD-E616A3 vs AOpen DVD 1648/AAP

Im in the market for a dvd-rom for general dvd reading. I have an LG now, which is slow and LOUD. Im looking for the fastest read speed, high transfer rate, low noise, and good error correction. These are the two ive narrowed it down to, eleminating lite-on and others, i havent found many benchmarks on the asus, but the aopen is very highly rated. So any help on deciding would be helpful.

The Aopen is an excellent DVD-ROM drive, [I]but[/I] you will have much difficulty locating one now as they ceased manufacturing of it a long time ago, it seems rarer than Nexperia-based BenQs :stuck_out_tongue:

I have both and the Aopen is faster by far at ripping DVD’s. Hope you can find one.