Asus Dvd-e616

Is this drive any match against the LiteOn DVD 163/165?>best reader for CloneCD at present:)
(Safedisc, SecuROM3 new, Key2audio)


Dunno. Haven’t even heard of it yet. My Litey 163 & Toshi 1402 won’t need replacing for a while, I suspect.

I have a asus e612 and it works fine for me, can even read key2audio protected disks (worked with spider man theme cd) and it very quiet compared with litey 163 with its ball barings ratling, only shotfall is it’s very slow at reading very scratched cds but dvds r fine, and e612 and e616 r easily made region free:) :slight_smile:

For those of you with the Asus E-616 DVD, is yours reading ATA33 in upon booting… Mine is… Not sure if it’s a BIOS issue or the Drive, supposed to be ATA100… THanks…