Asus dvd e616 not recognised as UDMA

arg im frustrated. WINXP sets my asus e616 dvd into pio mode even though its set to ‘use dma when available’. Its a slave on primary IDE and BIOS detects ‘ATA100’, therefore UDMA. All bios settngs are ‘auto’. I have

amd athlon 1400
512 DDR
40 GB maxtor on prim master
DVD e616 on prim slave
Acer 8x cdrw on sec slave
40 GB maxtor on HP RAID onboard chip prim master

why doesnt WINXP detect UDMA 5 mode? WHy does it say PIO ??
it used to be fine, on UDMA mode, i dont know what i have changed.

help would be very welcome

Try deleting the IDE controllers, I think that’s what most people do to fix this.

thanks! this has worked, excellent…

Did you install chipset drivers on your system? If not, please do so…

(most likely, you’ve got a Via chipset, surf to and download the 4-in-1 Hyperion drivers there)