ASUS DRW1608P3S Questions

I just purchased an ASUS DRW1608P3SSLV from for my computer, and I have 2 questions:

First is the jumper configuration. I wanted to set up up as a “slave” since I already have a master Combo DVD-R/CD-RW drive installed, but there are no markings on the back telling me how to position the jumper, nor is there any info in the manual or on the ASUS web site about how to position this jumper! It was on the far right when it came out of the box, and the computer didn’t recognize either drive when I installed it in that position. Then I simply pulled the jumper off, and now both drives are recognized … but I have not yet tried burning a DVD. Does anyone know if leaving the jumper off is correct, or should I put it back on in a different position?

Second question is about the 40-pin audio plug. The drive did not come with a 4-pin audio cable, but the instructions say I need to connect that plug to my sound card or mother board. (My other drive also has no cable in place.) I’ve found that audio CD’s play back loud and clear using Windows Media Player, but DVD’s are playing back with the sound so low that it’s almost inaudible. Do I need to get a 4-pin audio cable and connect it, or is there some system setting that i need to change to get the DVD audio to play back properly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated:

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I have the same drive as yours , and I would recommend that you set your combo to slave and leave the jumber on the Asus in its place as it defaults to MASTER .
If you insist , the jumber must be placed in the [B]middle[/B] pins to make it slave .

You do not need 4-pin plugs to play Audio CDs or DVDs , the sound of your DVDs is low probably because you don’t have a surround sound system and it could be fixed by using ac3filter (google for it !) and adjusting its settings for higher volumes , you could also tweak your software DVD player to make it sounds louder .

I already got the ASUS to work properly as a slave by simply pulling the jumper off. If I were to switch the cabling to make the ASUS the master, and my other combo drive the slave, in what positions would I put the jumpers on both drives?

Never pull the jumper off, it is there for a reason. In attached pic you can see the (blue) jumper set to Master (closest to the ribbon cable connector). Slave is one position to the left (2nd closest to the ribbon cable connector). Use 80-wire (important!) ribbon cable and connect it as follows:

Black Connector…Grey Connector…Blue Connector

its better to set your Asus as master and the other one as slave and you can do that in 2 ways

either set the jumper on master for the Asus and on slave for the other one
or set the jumpers to cable select on both and attach the Asus to the end of the cable and the other one to the middle (if it doesn’t work this way then your motherboard’s cable select feature is not activated)

if you have a SATA hard drive it is even better to attach each writer to its own IDE cable

by the way the positions for the master/slave/cable select are explained on the white sticky on top of the drive (there is no dvd or hard drive that doesn’t have them shown either there or on the bottom near the jumper or even on the little ridge above the jumper)

here’s an example

and finally make sure you use 80 wire cables for the Asus otherwise it won’t burn @16x