Asus DRW1608P DVD+R quality?

Hi, I have lurked for a while around here, looking for good media.

I have an Asus DRW 1608P, bought it after a recommendation of a good drive for reading damaged discs, and a good value burner. The review on the front of the site was good as well.

However, I have been burning dvd+r discs with many PIF.
DVD+R 16x TDK (CMC M01)
DVD+R 16x Sony (D21)
The above discs provide upwards of maximum 100 PIF, sometimes beyond 500. Their total PIF were well beyond the millions.

These discs were better,
DVD-R 16x TDK (TTH02)
These gave maximum 30-100 PIF, totals around 30 thousand

These PIF counts are very worrying. The reports of others show about 4-6 maximum on “good” media.

Is the moral of this story to buy DVD-R media? Can anyone with the same drive confirm this? What media would you reccomend? (Brick and mortar stores only)

Or is my drive a bad one? If so, can anyone recommend a nice DVD+R burner? I prefer plus discs.

edit: the pioneer DVR-112D looks nice.

You have scanned with the ASUS? Then forget the results, they are not reliable!

I tried with a liteon combo drive, and the results were worse.


Performing Disk Quality Sans with an Asus DRW1608P produce questionable and unreliable results. Scans performed with a LiteOn are a more true representation of the actual Disk Quality.

Some of the Media you are using in your #1 posting is questionable Media and in the past have proved to produce problematic results. Suggest obtaining known proven Media that consistently produce quality error free results such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media.


I’ve burnt some Post Office dvd+r with good results on a 1608 crossflashed to Pioneer 111d. They are CMC MO1 and are quite good. Rated at 16x, I found the best burns were at 8x on my machine.
Not up to TY standards, though. I use them for movie backups where they will have a short life through mishandling. Wouldn’t recommend them for long term backups.

Yeah,Using Asus 1608 or Pioneer DVD BURNER to scan is not suitable, cause these burners cann’t report the real Marks acordding to the true quality. :slight_smile:

yes, from this Thread we can know
CMC MAG E01 refers to CMC 8X DVD+R,This is a good media,
But, CMC MAG M01,the MID of CMC 16X DVD+R, Can be good very few times,
In Fact it’s not good, with very pale quality, even sometimes is very Bad espacially when recording at 12x & 16x speed.
Few Burners can get good results for CMC MAG M01 to these high speed(12x & 16x )