Asus drw-24f1st



I get the impression LiteOn seems to be the manufacturer for VinPower’s dvd drives.

Unfortunately nobody local carries any VinPower drives. Only online really to order.


Abut 4 years ago I had a HP Elitebook 6470, it had a rebadged Samsung SN-208, similar notebooks had a DS8A8SH, or LG-drives, all from the same era.

The Z420 Workstations had rebadged LiteOn-drives, but even it should be a x24-drive it´s max. burn speed was 16x

True, Vinpowers DVD-drives like Plextor 891 SAF, Optiarc AD-5290S+, Piodata DVR-S21DBK (maybe Vinpower was drunken at the naming because it´s extreme similar to QSI-OEM Pioneer DVR-S21L) are LiteOn-drives.

On the other hand, the Vinpower BD-drives are from LG.

Dunno how much Vinpower sells, in Germany it´s hard to get.


Do you remember when rebadge/oem LiteOn drives stopped appearing in prebuilt pcs?

The prebuilt pcs I purchased during the 2000s decade, were mostly LiteOn drives of varying quality in Acer pcs.

The last time I purchased a prebuilt pc, was around 3 years ago. This was a 2014 era Acer desktop which had a Matshita QSI rebadge, which was on clearance (ie. bargain bin stuff).


Nope, my employer changed from HP to Lenovo :frowning:

The last HPs I get were from 2014.

The casing of the Z420 were fantastic, the Lenovo P-series is far away in quality and handlig

Lenovos actual Thinkpads, at least the models we get (P51) have no optical drive and it´s also impossible to use an internal ODD.

The Thinkstation P320 we have use the mentioned LG GHC0N with the GH24NSB0-lable. And it´s not only a rebadge, the FW have difference to the LG-standard-models, at least one: DVD+R DL can only be read 8x

BTW, HP also rebadged QSI/Matshita-drives, I saw somewhere HP SW820


I wonder how many of these Panasonic MN* chipset drives from the mid-late 2000s, were pata->sata bridge designs.


Dunno. Did this chipset is responsible for reading/writing and PATA2SATA?

I never opened the drives. The drives which were available as PATA and SATA use AFAIK mostly MTK (LiteOn), NEC (Optiarc, Pioneer) and Renesas (LG).

The more exoti drive is the Plextor 712SA

I don´t used it often, bought it used some years ago,


I haven’t tried opening up the drives either.

Back in the day, I had my suspicions that the first sata dvd drives were probably going to be kludges via pata/sata bridges. If for no other reason, than to use up all the old chipset inventory. (Instead of writing off and throwing all the old pata chips into the garbage).

Anecdotally I did come across a few LG sata drives with a Panasonic MN* chipset, which worked fine on my old mid-2000s era desktop computers. IIRC, these LG sata drives were either an GSA-H30N (or H30L) or GSA-H73N with 2006 or 2007 manufacturing dates. (It was definitely not a GH22NS30 or LS30).

But when I tried playing these same LG Panasonic MN* sata drives on a 2015 era computer, it didn’t play at all. (It still played on the older mid-2000s machines). I can’t say for sure, but I suspected these might be pata/sata bridge kludges which didn’t play nice on newer modern computers.


Did your SATA-connectors on the boards operate in IDE/Compatibility-mode or AHCI? Maybe this make a difference.

I´m not sure if I have a SATA-drive with Panasonic-chipset, I used on newer boards mostly my old PCI-IDE-cards with Sil0680-chipset, so I start very late with buying SATA-ODDs. I think my first ones were GH20NS10 or iHAS 120


I don’t remember.

I tried changing the bios settings to ide mode on the newer 2015 computers, but the LG Panasonic MN* sata drives still didn’t work.


I was very late to sata too, in regard to dvdr drives. (Though I was fine with sata hard drives in the mid-2000s).

The first sata dvdr drive I had, was a rebadge of Liteon iHAS124 A from 2009.

At the time (circa late 2000s), I tried looking for sata Plextor drive with a sanyo chipset. Though I could only find the old pata versions at local shops in the bargain bins. When I read about Plextor models being LiteOn rebadges, I guessed it was probably an iHAS124 A rebadge at the time. No point in paying higher Plextor prices, for a generic LiteOn manufactured rebadge.


IIRC the PX-760 was the last real Plextor. But at that time some rebadges also exist, the 740/750 were Benq, PX-800 a NEC, PX-810 Pioneer, PX-820 NEC/Optiarc

Some years I didn´t looking much for drives, dunno when Plextor start to rebadge LiteOn


The earliest article I could find was from September 2008. The PX-806SA model shipped in late 2008.


Can´t remember this model, maybe it was never available in Germany


Over the past few years I keep an eye out for older sata dvdr drives at local thrift shops or electornic recycle bins. If for no other reason, than as an elecdtronic “archaeological” amusement. :slight_smile:

(I don’t bother with old pata drives anymore. A few years ago I threw away a large amount of old computer equipment that was just taking up too much space, which was mostly really old pata computers with no sata hardware).

I keep a rough mental list of first generation sata drives to look out for, such as:

  • LG GH20NS10/LS10 (or NS15/LS15)

  • LG GSA-H62N/H62L or H66N

  • LiteOn iHAS120 6 or iHAS122 8 (or A)

  • LiteOn SH-16A7S or 16A7L

  • LiteOn LH-16A1S

  • LiteOn LH-20A1S or 20A1L

  • LiteOn DH-20A3S or 20A3L

Basically any dvdr sata drives made before 2010.


You have special shops in your area :wink:

Last year I get a new GH22NS50 in a local shop, but it was an exception, mostly I found only GH24NSD1 the last 2-3years

I have enough of Sil0680-cards, it´s never a problem to attach a PATA-drive to my PCs :slight_smile:

Benq 1640 and 1650, NEC 3540A and Plextor 716/755 are still drives which can do good writing


They’re mostly thrift shops. Basically charity shops run by churches or other local religious organizations, which take donations of old stuff and sell them for really low prices.

Some of these thrift shops take old electronics stuff, and strip them to sell the parts individually (such as monitors, dvdr drives, graphics cards, keyboards, etc …).


Sounds a bit like they sell used stuff?


For the most part.

Basically the retail store equivalent of a church rummage sale of used stuff from donations.


Maybe you will find some treasures there :wink:


Occasionally. A recent case was that Buffalo external bluray-r drive for $4.

Most of the time, there isn’t much to buy. It is very much hit or miss.

A few “treasures” I did find were in other niches, such as comic books or first editions/printings of certain hardcover books.