Asus drw-24f1st



On the other hand, I’m guessing the C-level executives running VinPower are most likely technical/engineering types who pay attention to details. I’m guessing they probably have at least one person working full time on firmware, judging by how often they have made firmware updates to their LiteOn dvd rebadges.

In the case of Asus, I suspect the C-level executives and their underlings would at minimum read the old product pamphlets of LG’s dvd drives. If they’re not highly technically literate, then they probably wouldn’t be looking at scans posted online.


I don´t made special tests, but Aus-branded rebadges were mostly like the originals, e.g. writing-speeds and burn-quality.

I´m not sure Asus have still a team who edit FWs, maybe the real manufacturer write the Asus-strings in the FW

I´m not sure about Vinpower, they change some things, but not all which were important. My BH16NS55@WH16NS58 1.V1 made strange noises at PC-start, maybe because of duplicator-FW? And the awful write strategy for MBIR06 are still the same as with the 16NS55; my 16NS40 burn MBIR06 good. I flashed the LG because of quality scans which were not possible with original FW

Maybe we can only find out if we get other OEM-drives from LG, maybe Lenovo-versions.


Interesting. I didn’t know Lenovo was rebadging LG drives.

The only “Lenovo” branded drive I have, is a portable usb2 dvd drive which has “PLDS” written on a sticker on the drive (or in the packaging). I’m guessing it was probably a rebadge of a Phillips/LiteOn dvd drive. Its behavior on some defective/damaged dvd discs, is similar to my LiteOn drives playing the same defective/damaged discs.



I looked through the fw binary you uploaded 7-8 months ago onto the gh24nsb0 thread.

There was a “MT1862” string mentioned in the fw binary, which suggests it might really be a GH24NSC0 or GH24NSD0 (or D1) drive in disguise.

If it was a genuine gh24nsb0 drive, I’m guessing an “MT1882” string should have appeared in the fw binary.

Asus drw-24d5mt

For that matter, the fw dumps from the LG “GH24NSC0 svc:nsd0” (LI00) and “Asus DRW-24F1ST d 1.00” also mention “MT1862”.

firmdump drw24f1st d (888.7 KB)

firmdump gh24nsc0svcnsd0 (891.6 KB)

LG GHB0N Drive Identification and Crossflash

Maybe I´m right, it could be MTK stopped developing new chipsets for DVD RW drives. The x24/x22 F-series from LiteOn should use the same chipset


I’m guessing LG using this byzantium cataloging scheme for their dvd drives using the MT1862 chipset, is most likely laziness on their part. They probably don’t want to go through the paperwork + costs of introducing a new catalog number for a new drive.

To a joe sixpack buying a new desktop computer, they probably wouldn’t know or care about such nuanced differences in the dvd drive. It’s probably only the hardcore folks (such as us on here), who actually pay attention to such nuanced technical details.


I took a look again at the stickers on my Asus “DRW-24F1ST d” drive, and also noticed it had “GH24NSB0” written on it. More laziness on the part of LG ?

(This “GH24NSB0” on the sticker, is also seen in jadburner’s photos in the cdrinfopl link).


I’m guessing this may very well be the case ^.

Easier to just “outsource” all that technical work to the actual manufacturer (ie. LG, LiteOn, etc …).


TBH, the developing of DVD-media stopped some years ago, many MIDs of 16x-media exist since 2005/2006. OK, 2days-media is not exactly the same because of outsourcing and cost-reducing, but why a drive-manufacturer should spend money for fine tuning?

LG managed to burn good with most actual DVD-media, LiteOn and Pioneer (QSI) have more problems.


Good point.

If firmware is being written, most likely it is when Mediatek is discontinuing an old chip and introducing a new one in its place. Probably not much else to write subsequently, until a new chip is introduced.


I guess the chipsets of the last years don´t differ much, so the FW could be compatible after some little changes.

LG GH24NSB0/C0/D1 have different MT18xx-chipsets and I don´t notice any changes in write quality, speed or something. OK, the old theme tray behaviour changed, but many ppl didn´t notice it


Another layer of revisions.

I dropped by a local computer store earlier today, and noticed they had newer LG GH24NSC0 drives in stock. So I picked one up.

This particular one had a September 2018 manufacturing date, and had a “svc code JR23”.

The firmware was LY00.

From an intial check to see whether the drive functions, I noticed it has the “fatal reading behavior” just like my other LG GH24NSC0 (and older) models with different svc codes.


Never change a winning team :wink:

Wasn´t the “fatal reading behavior” long time ago, even with Renesas-chipsets, existing with LG-drives?

But if Asus don´t have it, maybe the Pioneer 21WBK also not?


As far as I can tell, my old pata LG drive with a Panasonic MN* chipset didn’t have it.

Though my sata Renesas chipset LG drives does indeed have it.

This “fatal reading behavior” is not on other Renesas chipset drives made by other companies, such as Pioneer’s bluray drives.

Good question.

So far I haven’t seen the Pioneer 21WBK yet. If I ever see it at a local computer shop, I’ll buy it just to see how much it differs from the generic LG and Asus versions.


Huh, Panasonic-chipsets, I can remember them mostly for IDE-drives with Lightscribe-support. My Benq 1670 also use it, but dunno at which age these chipsets disappear

Are other Pioneer-drives available at your local stores?

In my area Half Height drives are from LG and LiteOn, atm hard to get, in near future maybe nothing to get here.


Other than some of the slim internal drives manufactured by Panasonic/Matshita, the old Panasonic MN* chipset seemed to disappear sometime in the late-2000s in regard to the half-height internal drives.

The slim Matshita internal drives with Panasonic MN* chipsets seemed to continue sometime into the early-2010s. Though they were eventually phased out, in favor of QSI manufactured mediatek drives (both slim and half-height).

I don’t know if LG ever made many sata dvd drives with a Panasonic MN* chipset. Most of Panasonic chipsets LG drives I’ve seen, were the older pata interface.

Only bluray, such as 209DBK. No dvd-only drives.

LG is common here too. (Both generic LG and Asus).

LiteOn use to be quite common at local shops, until about about 2017 or so. LiteOn has largely disappeared since.


But I hope LiteOn will continue to manufacture drives. Since my bad experiences at work with the reliabilty of LG Gh24NSC0/D1 and the extreme noises of D1 I switched to LiteOn and I´m fine with it; my colleagues also because of much lower noise level.

The LiteOns don´t have the wiriting-quality of the LGs, so I burn all MCC 004 and CMC MAG D03 with my other drives from Pioneer/QSI, LG, Optiarc and Samsung, but I ca deal with it.

I wasn´t a fan of Samsung-drives in the past, but the 222AB/BB are working since 2011, I can only dream to do this with actual LGs. But the noise-level of the Samsungs are similar to LG D1 :frowning:

Some years ago LiteOn manufacture many drives for OEMs, but now looks like LG have this part. Don´t get HP-PCs atm, maybe LiteOn still manufacture for them? AFAIK the PSUs in HP-PCs are still made by LiteOn which was (is?) the No2 in PC-PSUs behind Delta. And LiteOn-PSUs are only OEM, they quit the Retail-market long time ago.

Another strange thing, my local Media Markt sells still the iHAS 324F, but not in the webshop.


I haven’t seen many HP manufactured pcs in recent times. The last time I saw any, were display models at Costco about a year ago or so.

As far as I could figure out, they were slim internal dvd drive models but I couldn’t figure out who the manufacturer was. My guess was that it was either a Matshita or a LiteOn. (It didn’t appear to be an LG or Samsung, nor anything else which I could immediately recognize from the settings menu).