ASUS DRW-24F1ST a - spins down during burning




I’ve just purchased the Asus “DRW-24F1ST a” to replace an aged Pioneer that was damaged in a house move. I’ve been burning data DVDs since 2004 and can count on 10 fingers the number of coasters I’ve made.

I use (mostly) Verbatim (16x) DVD-R and DVD+R media to burn archive DVDs - very rarely do I bother with audio or video DVDs.

It’s a WinXP Pro system, and I’m using NERO to burn.

OK, I’ve not seen this problem before but when I burn data discs using the Asus (mostly at 8x but I’ve tried also, 6x, 10x and 16X) every time, when the burn gets to around 30%, the drive spins down and then continues the burn. The verification process passes each time but on looking at the burned disc there is a tell-tale ring at (I’m assuming) the 30% mark (out from the centre).

Has anybody else i) seen this happen with the Asus and ii) can anybody offer a possible solution? It’s quite disconcerting.

Many thanks.



Welcome. :slight_smile:

When you say it spins down, do you mean you hear the drive completely stop making noise then resume?

Can you create a data disc with CD-DVD Speed (likely included in the Nero suite, also available standalone elsewhere) to see if the same thing happens? You might have to try a disc at each speed, and post screenshots of the resulting burn curve for each one.



Thanks for replying. Apologies for taking a while to get back to you, I had to figure what to do with CD-DVD Speed as I hadn’t used it before.

Here are some images.

The middle image shows the box ticked for simulate but it gave a warning and said it would probably not simulate on the type of disc I was using and true to its word it burnt instead.

Hope I’ve done that correctly.

What’s of concern (to me) is that the drive spun down during the 8x burn like since I purchased it last week but not during the 16x. There is a noticeable ring on the surface of the 8x burnt DVD, which I have now come to expect. Nothing on the 16x.

At first I thought it was a buffer-underrun problem but I’m not so sure now.

Any ideas?


There are 4 basic methods of disc burning - CAV, P-CAV, CLV, Z-CLV. Read about them all and you will understand.