Asus drw-24d5mt


Each bookshelf can hold several hundred dvds.

I still watch a lot of lousy low-budget scifi movies and some tv shows which are not available on streaming services nor any cable channels I’m currently subscribed to. Most of this stuff was not released on bluray.


Earlier this evening, I checked this behavior further.

I left my asus “DRW-24F1ST d” drive tray open, where it automatically closed around 3-4 minutes later.

This did not happen for my LG GH24NSC0 drives with svc codes nsd0 and jr23. After 10 minutes or so, the drive’s tray was still open.


“automatically closed around 3-4 minutes later.”

Happened with all my original GH24NSB0 and C0, but not with OEM-drives with these codes


My GH24NSC0 drives with svc code nds0 were manufactured over late-2015 to 2017, while my GH24NSC0 drive with svc code jr23 was manufactured in 2018. They are most likely the same underlying GH24NSD0 (or D1) hardware.

I’ll have to dig up my old GH24NSC0 drive with no svc code (manufactured earlier in 2015), to check whether this behavior with the drive tray closing after 3-4 minutes also happens.


Don’t forget that my bulk ASUS DRW-24D5MT was manufactured in June 2018.


I dug out my old LG GH24NSC0 drive from storage.

Looking more closely, it actually has an “svc code” of nsc0. The firmware is LK00 and it has a manufacturing date in July 2015.

With an open tray, I rebooted the computer. The tray did not close at reboot.

If I leave the tray open, it automatically closed after 3-4 minutes.


If LG was using "svc code"s already for this July 2015 manufactured GH24NSC0 drive, this may suggest LG’s executives in america had no intention of using the GH24NSD0 (or D1) model name for their subsequent dvdr drives.


Are there any “svc code” written on the stickers on your GH24NSB0 and C0 drives?


My 2 B0, made in 2014-03-11, LM00, have no SVC

My last C0 (other drive failed), made in 2015-02-12, LK00, have NSC0


A new version of LG seems to be available


Unless I am incorrect GH24NSD5 is bulk and GH24NSD6 is retail? Why the different numbers for the same model in different package? And the jump from GH24NSD1 in the numbering?


I stopped understand it long years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At Mindfactory I see it with the same model-numer for bulk and retail


A quick search found different numbers for bulk and retail.

GH24NSD5.ARAA10B (bulk):

GH24NSD6.ASAR10B (retail):

I might order one if I see the drive advertised locally, but I don’t expect this to happen soon.


In my area it´s very hard to get something like this in local shops