Asus drw-24d5mt



I wait till the prices of CD-R-media was 1,50DM and the writer costs less than 400DM :wink:

With the 4x HP-Writer I could burn 4x if I don´t touch the PC and turn off screensaver :wink:


I was very late to burning cds. I only really started burning cdr discs in 2001, largely when local friends would come over and copy some of my music cds.

At the time I purchased one of those 100 cdr discs cake spindles, which I still haven’t depleted yet. Most of it was eaten up over the past 18 years by relatives who wanted particular audio cds or data (ie. large quantities of digital photos) being burned to cdr discs.

I rarely ever burned cdr discs for myself.


Has anyone seen or tried a PIONEER DVR-S21W yet? I could have one delivered in 2-3 weeks and I am wondering if it is worth waiting or if it is simply another LG GH24NSD0/D1 in disguise. I like the burning quality of the ASUS DRW-24D5MT, but not really its build quality.


Dunno, didn´t think Pioneer did modify the FW or let LG do more than Pioneer-Logo and Name


From some photos I saw, the body of the PIONEER DVR-S21W looks identical to ASUS DRW-24D5MT, but its tray looks a little different.


The Pioneer looks like the LGs with other Logos


I have here a review of 7 Notebooks, 21.8.18. 4 Notebooks have a DVD-writer.

Asus Vivobook X555BP, HP 15 bs001ng, HP 17 by0009ng: LiteOn DA8AESH

Lenovo V110-15ISK: LG GUE0N


I will know soon enough.


PIONEER DVR-S21W has a tray that behaves differently than the tray of ASUS DRW-24D5MT. It stays open at restart and doesn’t close automatically after a few minutes.


Thank you

Sounds like the GH24NSD1


I tested this out last night. My “DRW-24F1ST d” also has this behavior of the tray closing when rebooting.

My LG GH24NSC0 drives with svc codes nsd0 or jr23, do not exhibit this behavior upon rebooting.


If I had to guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if the DRW-24D5MT and “DRW-24F1ST d” firmwares are almost identical, and/or come from the same forked lineage.


I wanted to like the PIONEER DVR-S21W, but as far as the tray is concerned, I prefer the ASUS DRW-24D5MT. One of the reasons I stayed away from the LG GH24NSD0/D1.


My current preference is also for the Asus current model (the “DRW-24F1ST d” in north america), though for a very different reason.

I don’t know about the DRW-24D5MT model, but the “DRW-24F1ST d” model does not have the “fatal reading behavior” when ripping movie dvd discs. In contrast all the LG GH24NSC0 drives I have regardless of the “svc code”, all exhibit this “fatal reading behavior:”

This may sound really really dumb, but a few weeks ago I purchased more than 100 movie dvds during one of my weekly shopping sprees. There just happened to be a computer store in the same strip mall, where I walked in and purchased three new “DRW-24F1ST d” drives to rip these 100+ newly purchased movie dvd discs.

I try not to do this too often, but every time I purchased a large number of movie dvds, I end up buying a new dvdr drive to rip them. Several years ago I accumulated over a dozen iHAS124 F drives in this same manner, whenever I went on movie dvd buying “binges”. (Also the Samsung TSST SH-224FB and GB models).


I read about this, but I never came across the problem as I mainly burn data. But three drives to rip 100+ dvd discs sound too many. One should be more than enough to do the job (if you feel that you need a new drive for it).


This is mostly just foolish impulse buying on my part.

Every time I drop by a nearby computer shop, I’ll check out the dvdr drives. If there’s a current model with a more recent manufacturing date than I already have, I’ll usually buy it to see whether there’s any differences in behavior. Most of the time, there isn’t any obvious differences in behavior/performance.


Are you not running out of storage space? I admit that I have more drives that I would ever need, but I am concerned about storing burned discs. I nowadays use cake boxes as anything else takes too much space.


At the moment, no.

Eventually I will run out of space. I try to avoid too much binge buying of movie dvds.

My other big expense related to dvds, is buying bookcases to keep my dvds on.


Maybe running out of walls soon then? I though DVDs were out of fashion these days.