Asus drw-24d5mt


If I would only buy at local shops (only one left, all others belong to large electronic-discounters) I would only get bulk LG-drives


The large electronic retailers are even worse here, such as BestBuy.

All they ever have in stock, are either the portable usb dvdr (or bluray-r) drives or a retail boxed Asus dvdr drive (such as DRW-24B3ST). Hardly anything else.


Similar with Media Markt / Saturn (both belong to Metro).

Mostly LG Half Height, Asus external Slim; but some month ago I saw a 324 F

Without Hardware-online-hops I would have less different drives


Don’t you think that the lack of optical drives in the market is the result of the lack of demand? And that there is a chance that the number of manufacturers will decrease further?



Every time I check out the new desktop computers on display at places like BestBuy, Costco, etc …, it seems like many don’t even have a dvdr drive anymore.

I wouldn’t be surprsied at all if LG ends up becoming the “last man standing” in the computer dvd-r/bluray-r drive manufacturing business.


Did you look for a new computer case lately? Not many choices if you need several 5.25" drive bays. Some cases don’t even have 5.25" drive bays!


Not recently.

About six months ago or so, the few “tower” computer cases that are still stocked at local computer shops, were typically the ones that diy “gaming” computer types would be looking at. They had several bays to hold dvd-r/bluray-r drives.


Nowadays I don’t even bother using the drive bays anymore for dvdr/bluray-r drives.

I just use slightly longer sata cables and place the dvdr drive on the table next to the computer. I also keep a small fan blowing cool air directly onto the dvdr drive, whenever I’m ripping cd/dvd/bluray discs.

When I’m not using any dvdr/bluray-r drives, I just unplug them from the sata cables.


Hm, in my local shops never were a big range of brands in ODD

ATM there are 3 manufacturers left: LG (all kinds of drives), Pioneer (BD-R only), LiteOn (only DVD). Not sure about Pioneer, but LiteOn maybe have some OEMs.

I bought some Mdi-Towers some years ago with many 5,25-bays, looks like I had chosen the right time

Now only some expensive Big-Towers are still available with many 5,25"-bays

Others are listed, but hard to get


Ironically, the price of the slightly longer sata and sata power cables is about the same price as a new dvdr drive (around $20 in total).


It seems like the only folks who still buy large tower desktop cases, are the hardcore videogame folks who still use their pcs for gaming. (The one who have not moved on to an XboxOne or PS4).

Otherwise eliminating the floppy drives, dvdr drive, non-ssd hard drive, etc… will free up a lot of space and manufacturers can use smaller desktop cases.


I have USB-Floppy-drives because most -even not so new Mainboards- don´t have a Floppy-drive-connector.

My PC-cases with many 5,25"-bays have adapters to use 3,5"-HDDs and Flopy-drives in the 5,25" bays. Overall the best solution for me.


I have no idea why the hardcore pc videogame folks are the primary guys who still buy the huge tower desktop cases.

Especially when many current pc video games are either not released anymore on cdrom/dvdrom, or the cdrom version is just a download program on the disc + a passcode on a piece of paper enclosed in the cdrom package.

The only semi-plausible reason I can think of, would for better air circulation and heat dissipation in a large tower case. (ie. The bays are empty or only have hard drives).


more space, more space to mod, more space for flashing lights :wink: , cooling-system, long video cards


…just because they can and they wanna pimp 'n mod…


I suspect if LiteOn loses their remaining clients like Vinpower, etc … I wouldn’t be surprised if LiteOn ends up closing down their optical drive manufacturing division. Especially if Asus drops LiteOn rebadges altogether (ie. 24B1ST/24B3ST line).

I have no idea who would buy the “corpse” of a decommissioned optical drive manufacturing business.

For example, did anyone buy the Calamba/Laguna Samsung TSST/Optis/Sephil dvdr/bluray-r drive manufacturing facilities back in late-2016 or 2017? Or were the Phillippines TSST/Optis/Sephil manufacturing facilities shuttered and liquidated (ie. thrown into the garbage dump) ?

Going back further in time, did anyone purchase the old optical drive manufacturing facilities run by the old Plextor, BenQ, etc … ?


At times I wonder if Vinpower has been thinking of changing their dvdr drive product line to LG rebadges, for the next versions. (ie. Once their current Plextor/Optiarc/Piodata LiteOn rebadges run out of inventory).


As a recent example in a tangential area, the old Technicolor (formerly Cinram) cd/dvd/bluray disc manufacturing facility in Olyphant, PA, was closed down and liquidated around a year ago. Many cds, dvds, and blurays I have were manufactured there (mostly released by Warner Brothers).

Here’s some links with photos of the liquidation auctions of the old optical disc manufacturing equipment.


Vinpower uses actually LG BD-drives, so it could be.

Still don´t know how big are the orders from the biggest customer of LiteOn, HP


The last time I saw an HP desktop, it was at places like Costco.

IIRC, it was a model which had HP “Bang & Olufsen” written on the case. IF there was a dvdr drive, unfortunately it was well hidden. (The display model was off and not plugged in).