Asus drw-24d5mt



Jep, I have also same hardware with different model-names or brands. But I can deal with it, if I don´t waste my money with the drives I would waste it with other dumb stuff :wink:

But now I act more careful because only 3 manufacturers left, LG (DVD and BD-R), LiteOn (DVD) and Pioneer (BD-R)

So most drives you will find are from these 3.

Exceptions are some models from Samsung, QSI (Pioneer DVR-S21 and ? Panasonic Slimtype BD-R-drives?) which are still to get in some shops.

There are also some modified models from Vinpower, named Optiarc or Piodata, but if yo u don´t use the special features (overburn of DL, 4x-speed for some 16x DVD-media, 8x for some 48x/52x CD-R) it feels the same like a much cheaper 124F. I´m also not sure about the Teac 5600s because I have one from 2017 and read it have a different hardware which LiteOn never built in the same combination.


I’ve been somewhat lousy about this over the past few years.

For example, I have over ten LG “GH24NSC0 svc code: nsd0” fw:LI00 drives. Besides the serial numbers, the only other difference between them is that they all have different manufacturing dates over 2015 to 2017. There was no other obvious differences performance-wise.

In contrast, my collection of a dozen or so LiteOn iHAS124 F drives with different manufacturing dates over 2015-2016, has a greater variability performance-wise.


This seems to also be the case with the various Asus 24B1ST and 24F1ST LiteOn rebadges I have. Though with the Asus versions, there usually isn’t anything special/additional unlike Vinpower. (At least not documented).


Stuff like this has largely disappeared quickly from local computer retailers.

Nowadays the only way I ever come across older stuff like this, is finding it at local thrift shops or electronic recycle bins by chance.


I bought myself another ASUS DRW-24D5MT. This was in retail package, with bundled software, screws and a leaflet, not more expensive that the bulk drive I previously bought.


Same shop?

Sometimes the prices of bulk and retail differs minimal, sometimes I bought the retail cheaper tahn the bulk.


How does your GH24NSC0 look like? Did it have a pure black front bezel oder are some logos in white letters on it?

That´s the optical difference of my Non-OEM LGs GH24NSB0/C0 and D1.

So you have a big bunch of iHAS 124F, but it´s not a bad drive in my experience, not to noisy and much more reliable than my newer LGs. But in writing-quality the LG is clearly better.

Asus 24B1ST and 24F1ST don´t have E-Hammer? That´s a feature which not many drives have. But could be similar to LiteOns Smart Erase.

I would be careful with Samsung-drives. IMHO the latest 24x from 224DB-224GB are good in writing-quality, especially for DVD DL, but some drives are extreme noisy with some media, beating even my very noisy GH24NSD1.

But overall I like the design and the wide range of writing-speeds. I don´t know why it also supports 4x for 16x-media, but 10x and 14x are interesting speeds :wink:


Different shop that also had LG GH24NSD1 bulk drives in stock, but I prefer to buy retail even if I have to pay a little more.


Pure black front bezel for GH24NSC0 with svc code: nsd0 and jr23. Nothing written in white.

The GH24NSC0 with no svc code, has pure black front bezel with stuff written in white letters.


That´s a bit confusing with a C0 with Code NSD0. Till C0 my LGs had white logos and letters. Is your C0 some kind of OEM-drive?


They all came new in a bare bones plastic bag for $20 each (or less).

My local computer shops do not carry any retail boxed versions of the GH24NSC0


Never saw this model in Germany, at least as Non-OEM. All my C0 and B0 were with white letters at front bezel


This “svc code: nsd0” version of GH24NSC0 has been very common since early 2016, in computer stores locally and other nearby cities. Also retail computer shop web sites in america (such as newegg).

In contrast, I have never seen an actual real GH24NSD0 or GH24NSCD1 drive in any offline local shops.


Maybe at your local stores, but not in my area

The PC-dealer for my employment always use LG.drives, in 2014 I got some B0, in 2015 C0 and in 2017 D1

For me at home I never bought D1 because there´s no benefit compared with my B0 and C0. And now, after having so much trouble with D1 I would buy this drive.


I wouldn’t be surprised if these differences in naming conventions, were due to different LG executives in different parts of the world making different decisions.


Looks so, but I still don´t see a sense in it. Maybe LG also not;) ?


I would be curious to try a PIONEER DVR-S21W, but I don’t think it will become available here.


It semes to be primarily in the asian markets (for now).

I wonder if LG has a “non-compete” agreement with Pioneer, which forbids Pioneer from selling this DVR-S21WBK model in other regions outside of asia.


Where do you live?

If other Pioneer-drives are available in your area, maybe the 21W will also available soon.


Pioneer drives are generally only available by order from local shops. There is a general shortage of optical drives lately, which if not because of the luck of demand, then there is a chance for Pioneer drives to appear. The usual answer when asking for an optical drive is that it is not available from the supplier (whoever that is).


For reasons I don’t understand, Pioneer dvdr and bluray-r drives seem to be a rarity in my local region in north america. Local shops won’t even do special orders for them.

The few times when Pioneer dvdr/blurayr drives do show up in local shops, I’ll usually buy a few.