Asus drw-24d5mt


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Looking through the Asus web site, this DRW-24D5MT model seems to be the Asus standard generic dvdr drive model worldwide except for North America (ie. USA, Canada, Mexico).

For North America, the only common generic dvdr drive model is the DRW-24F1ST. This DRW-24F1ST model doesn’t really show up anywhere else in the world, other than Taiwan and one or two other countries in europe.

If I had to guess, most likely the underlying LG dvd drive hardware is the same for both the recently manufactured Asus dvd drives DRW-24D5MT and DRW-24F1ST.


But what´s the sense of this strange drive-names?


Good question.

If I had guess, most likely it is different executives making these decisions in different parts of the world.

Using the same name on the catalog (ie. DRW-24F1ST) with different underlying drives architecture, is most likely due to laziness. The executives don’t want to go through the paperwork trouble of creating a new catalog number for a new drive in the american market?

IIRC, the DRW-24F1ST models were rebadges of:

first DRW-24F1ST = Samsung SH-224BB
“DRW-24F1ST a” = Samsung SH-224DB
“DRW-24F1ST b” = LiteOn iHAS124 E
“DRW-24F1ST c” = LiteOn iHAS124 F
“DRW-24F1ST d” = LG GH24NSD0 (or D1)


For reference, these appear to be Asus’ line of LG rebadges over the past decade or so.

(pata) DRW-22D1S = GH22NP20 (or 21)

first DRW-24D1ST = GH24NS70 (or 71 or 72)
“DRW-24D1ST a” = GH24NS90
“DRW-24D3ST 1.xx” = GH24NS95
“DRW-24D3ST 2.xx” = GH24NSB0
“DRW-24D3ST 3.xx” = GH24NSC0

DRW-24D5MT = GH24NSD0 (or D1)


The earliest instance I could find for this DRW-24D5MT drive, is from December 2015.


I have no idea why the DRW-24D5MT was not officially introduced to the american market.

Besides laziness on the part of Asus executives, I can only think of one other semi-plausible reason.

On the north american markets, iirc there were already three different Asus dvdr drive models on the market in late-2015 -> early-2016 which I saw frequently at the time. These were:


(At the time, these three were all LiteOn rebadges in early 2016). I don’t remember seeing any of the Asus LG rebadges DRW-24D3ST in late-2015.

Asus executives in america might have made the decision to not introduce the DRW-24D5MT, to avoid any further confusion in the american market with the 24F1ST and 24B1ST/24B3ST dvdr models already available.


It´s just confusing, I don´t like what Asus do. I have also a B5ST, it´s for sure it´s a LiteOn, but not sure whther B or C-series

LGs name schema is simple and clear, at least for non-OEM-models. Same with Pioneer.

LiteOn is not much better, iHAS 124 exist since 10 years, I guess. And still many shops don´t list the F(U), only iHAS 124


I have a DRW-24B5ST too and I believe it is a clone of the LiteOn C series.


Adding more fuel to the fire, the naming scheme of Asus rebadges of LiteOn drives is even more convoluted. (ie. The B1ST and B3ST series which was the common Asus dvdr drives in the american market).

IIRC, something like:

24B1ST j, 24F1ST c = iHAS124 F

24B1ST i, 24B3ST i, 24F1ST b = iHAS124 E

24B5ST, 24B1ST c, 24B3ST c = iHAS124 C

24B1ST 1.04, 24B1ST a, 24B3ST = iHAS124 B

24B1ST 1.00 -> 1.03 = iHAS124 A

22B2ST = DH-22AZS

22B1ST = iHAS122 8

20B1ST = iHAS120 6


Not sure whether drives in germany also have the letter behind the model-name


From googling, I get the impression this DRW-24B5ST model was only really available outside of north america. It almost never shows up at all on american sites.

For that matter from some more googling, I also get the impression the Asus LG rebadge lines of 24D1ST and 24D3ST also seemed to be only available outside of north america, and rarely ever shows up on american sites.


How common were the Asus LiteOn rebadge lines B1ST and B3ST in germany (or europe) in general ?


I would say very common as I also have two ASUS DRW-24B3ST drives.


In the local areas I’ve lived over the past decade or so, I noticed the 24B3ST versions were typically packaged in a big box, while the B1ST versions were typically just a bare bones plastic bag.

Any similarity in germany/europe?

My Asus “DRW-24B3ST i” drive came packaged in a big box. (IIRC, it was probably an iHAS124 E rebadge with a 768k cache).


The two ASUS DRW-24B3ST drives (iHAS124 B clones) came in plastic bags. The ASUS DRW-24B5ST was in a retail package.


Were any of the 24B1ST drives common in germany/europe?

I get the impression this convoluted naming scheme for the Asus LiteOn rebadges, might be reflective of several different markets over the world. Basically Asus executives in different regions, making different decisions.


DId any Asus rebadges of LiteOn iHAS124 E or F ever appear on the german/europe market?


TBH, I never had one. Asus were more expensive than the LiteOns, and I wasn´t always sure about which drives Asus rebadged

Here is a list about which models are appear in Germany


The commodity dvdr drives from LG, LiteOn, Samsung (previously), etc … and the Asus rebadges, are typically around the same price $20 at local shops. (Give or take a dollar or two).

This may sound really dumb. Every time I do my weekly shopping (for household stuff), I’ll drop by the nearby computer store to see whether any new drives came in, whether model, firmware update or even just a more a recent manufacturing date. If something “new” comes in, I’ll buy one just to see how much it differs from the recent previous versions.

Even more silly. On other occasions when I buy a large number of movie dvds, I’ll frequently also buy a new dvdr drive that day. (Sometimes I buy complete tv series sets which typically have 20 or more dvd discs in the package).

In the end I may very well be just wasting my money, on the same stuff.