Asus drw-24d5mt


Not as good as the LG or even the Samsung drives though.


Yep, but better than LiteOn :wink:

But I only have one burn with this drive and MCC 004, maybe a better burn is possible

And the 21L is a good DL-writer


I just noticed that on the bottom sticker below Model No.: DRW-24D5MT the corresponding LG model is also printed (KCC-REM-HLD-GH24NSB0).


Well, that´s strange. Since 2016 I never saw a GH24NSB0/C0, all drives from LG were NSD1. I ordered from 3 shops which wrote they have C0 and all sent me a D1

But in a Lenovo-PC I saw this drive:

Did LG still manufacture the B0 for OEMs?


Isn’t the sticker not enough proof?


Not sure :wink:


If you don’t trust the sticker, maybe you should trust the tray?


Can be FW-related :wink:

My GHC0N, which have also the 24NSB0 on the sticker have a complete different behaviour than my original GSB0.

GHC0N: Open tray closes at restart PC, but don´t close automatically after some mins
24NSB0/C0: At restart the open tray stays open, but closes after some mins automatically
24NSD1: At restart the open tray stays open, but don´t close automatically after some mins

It is a kind of confusing if LG really produce lower quality for their own lable, but produce the better old models for Asus, Lenovo, etc.

The Pioneer don´t have a LG product-code


BTW, with booting in Acronis TI 2018 there is also a big difference in the tray-behaviour:

Most writers: If ejecting while programm works the tray will stay open until the end of backup/recovery
24NSD1: Tray will close always after 1-2 seconds after the tray was full open


Could be firmware related, but why not for LG drives too?

DRW-24D5MT: Open tray closes at restart and automatically after some minutes.

I think this is the best combination, don’t you agree?

Asus is usually more expensive than LG, maybe because of the brand name, but maybe for more features too?


IIRC for a genuine GH24NSB0 from 2014 or 2015, it would have a 768kb cache.

GH24NSC0 and GH24NSD0 (or D1) both have 512kb cache.


So, if it has a 512kb buffer it means that it is a GH24NSC0/D0/D1 with a different firmware and tray behavior and they forgot to change the model on the sticker?


The only way to know for sure, is to open up the different drives and see whether the underlying components inside are identical.


My guess is that with LG manufacturing generic drives for several other companies (ie. Asus, Pioneer, etc …), most likely LG has somebody on staff (in the optical drive division) who knows how to program the firmware. So if a client wants particular features on a dvd or bluray drive, it can be written into the firmware accordingly.


Anyway, I think I will get another DRW-24D5MT, that seem to be disappearing from the local market and stay away from the more common GH24NSD1, because of its tray behavior. I will also keep an eye out for the PIONEER DVR-S21W.


LG is sometimes hard to understand :wink:

MBIR06 is a common BD-media in Germany, my BH16NS40 was one of the best burners for it, the BH16nS55 burn it awful. And the new UHD-drive BU40N is very good for it. What did they do to the FW?

I´m not sure whether there is a best combination for tray-behaviour, it depends on what you do :slight_smile:

I´m not sure if the tray-behaviour is a feature.

Asus had in the past features like eHammer (LiteOns SmartErase?), E-Green (don´t know if it works?), Disc encryption (LGs Securdisk?).

Not sure what the D5MT can do, if it still have these features, did LG modify the FW for Asus or did it Asus by themselve?

TBH, I never use anything of these features, the only reason for me to buy a LG-based drive is the writing quality


DRW-24D5MT comes with at least E-GREEN (logo printed on the tray door) whatever that is.


Found the english page:

BTW, iN Germany the Asus and Pioneer Retail-versions are cheaper than the LG in retail


explanation: E-Green technology auto-closes drive application when not in use, saving over 50% power savings for users


What drive application?