Asus drw-24d5mt


I was looking for an LG, but none is available from where I usually buy, but I found the ASUS DRW-24D5MT. I read some comments about this, about being noisy and not offering many burning speeds, but is it the same as the LG GH24NSD1 or is it a different model? Can it be cross-flashed to a LG? As Asus is also more expensive than LG, would buying an LG be a better choice?


The current Asus commodity dvdr drive “DRW-24F1ST d” is almost the same as the LG GH24NSD0 (or D1) drive, with a slightly modified firmware.

As far as I can figure out, the “fatal reading behavior” on current LG GH24NSC0/D0/D1 drives is absent on the Asus “DRW-24F1ST d” rebadge.


24D5MT is a LG, correct.

I ordered an other Asus-model last year, but the shop sent me this. I connect it via USB-adapter and took a look at the write speed, it´s for sure a LG

Crossflash wouldn´t work AFAIK because the FW of actual drives are scrambled and for newer LG-models since 24NSC0 there was no FW to download by LG.

But I don´t think it would be necessary because there is no reason for it. The last MID of media-codes are 10 years old, and I´m sure in future no new MID will appear. I also doubt that Asus have a better/badder FW

I have some 24NSD1 at work, no one is quiet, but the differences between this model is big; one is abolute noisy, an other one is more quiet but still noisy. But I have SH-224GB/BB which aren´t more quiet but have much more wriiting speeds which give you the possibility to make it a bit more quiet.

For reading I give you a hint. Start Nero CDSpeed, select in teh options the max. transfer speed, choose a lower speed and start transfer, stop it and then the max speed of the drive should not exceed the speed you have selected.

For most 16x-media LG will only offer 8x and 16x, AFAIR only MCC 004 will also offer 24x and for MCC 03RG20 20x

But the writing-quality at 16x is better than with most other writers, LG do a good job with MCC 16x +R and -R. It´s also good with actual Ritek-media and DL-media. My other newer DVD-writers are not so versatile with so many different media, only Pioneers BD-drives are competitors for the LGs.

BTW, Pioneer DVR-S21WBK is also a LG


On which LG model is the ASUS DRW-24D5MT based?


I would say GH24NSD1. Some say it can also be a GH24NSD0, but I never saw or had one of this model and I dunno the difference. The Asus arrived after the D1 in the shops, the D1 is still available and have no successor

Here is also a discussion about LG-drives


I finally bought an ASUS DRW-24D5MT. First burn is I think a little better than the burns with the Samsungs.

Not as noisy as I expected, at least not noisier than the other drives I have. Maybe I got lucky and this is a GH24NSD0? How can I tell?

On closer inspection, noise is louder at start of burn and when verifying (which is expected because of the higher reading speed).

Also, I noticed that the led light on the drive, continues to blink for a second or two after a disc is ejected and at the same time I can hear a short spinning noise. Is this “normal” for LG drives?


What is the manufacturing date? (This should be written on the sticker on the bottom or top of the drive).


June 2018


With a June 2018 date, most likely it is a GH24NSD0 (or D1).

The GH24NSD0 (or D1) model with a 512kb cache, has been around since 2016 (or slightly earlier).

The previous LG GH24NSC0 model was phased out sometime in mid-late 2015.


Did the 24D5MT come in a retail box?

Or was it a just bare bones in a plastic bag?


In a plastic bag with no cable and no software.

Is the blinking led light and short spinning noise after a disc is ejected “normal”?


I will take a look at my NSD1-LED tomorrow

Like I said, have atm 2 NSD1, both are noisy, but the difference between these two drives is big. It´s similar with my Samsung, some drives of my bunch with 224xB are real competitors for the noise of my NSD1, some are much more quiet

My other drives, such as old Benq 1640, LiteOn iHAS 124 B, QSI-Pioneers, actual drives like Pioneer BDR-209, LiteOn IHAS 124 F, Asus BC-12D2HT are not so noisy. The biggest problem with my NSD1 are the vibrations, it also depends on the cases what you can hear, some cases are very sensitive. I have also cases which are extreme sensitive with HDDs

It´s nice that you bought this drive, sometimes I think I´m here alone with actual LG-drives :wink:



If any of you guys know how to extract the firmware from LG drives, can you extract the firmware from your DRW-24D5MT drive?

It would be interesting to compare it to the firmware dumps from Asus “DRW-24F1ST d” and LG GH24NSD0 (or D1) drives. These two firmware dumps are posted in the earlier linked thread:


My 24NSD1-LED start to flashing if I eject a disk and I hear a noise which sounds like the tray-motor. The other not-common-behaviour is that a reboot of the PC won´t close the tray like with most other optical drives


firmdump.bin (1 MB)

24NSD1, Manufactured May 2017, FW: LG00


The tray of my DRW-24D5MT closes when rebooting and after a few minutes of being open. I am not sure if you are describing the same behavior. If I press the eject button, the led light starts blinking and the tray is ejected. When the tray is fully ejected, the led light continues to blink for 1-2 seconds and at the same time I hear a short spinning sound like the drive is still ejecting the tray. It’s not currently a problem, but I worry if there is something wrong with the drive. Do you think that you are seeing/hearing the same behavior?


Could be the same thing I mean. I hear a noise like the tray would still moving even if it is completely open.

After press eject button the LED start to blinking and it stops 1-2 seconds after the tray is completely open.

The tray-behaviour you describe reminds me of the 24NSB0/C0:


I will probably buy one more drive and I am wondering if I should get another DRW-24D5MT or a GH24NSD1. I am also tempted by PIONEER DVR-S21L, but I suspect that this would be worse in writing quality. I think I prefer DRW-24D5MT instead of GH24NSD1 because of the tray, acceptable noise and good writing quality. Unless GH24NSD1 could be even better?


I would say there´s no difference in writing-quality, that´s my experience with GH24NSB0/C0/D1

You can take a look at my scans with the Pioneer 21L. It´s a good writer with some media, but awful with other media. The LG and the rebadges 24D5MT + Pioneer S21W seems to be the best balanced DVD-writers in writing quality you can actually buy


I can not find PIONEER DVR-S21W. I only use Verbatim (AZO) and JVC/TY DVD+R and I think I saw that Pioneer does not seem to like these much unless I am mistaken?


The S21L hates MCC 03RG20 but is good with MCC 004.

Never burned with the S21 a T03, but the S20 loves it