Asus DRW-24B3ST firmware

HI guys,
I’ve flashed my 24b3st with ihas524 b, but i didn’t backup 24b3st 1.0 firmware/eeprom where can i download it?
My music cd on some devices are seen as empty and i would try RMA the burner but i have to reflash original firmware. Please help me.

You can check if it’s available on or hope that another member has it and he can sent it to you.

All ok, i’ve done a backup from another same model!!!

vegethssj85 - And could you please share your firmware, the Internet can not find anywhere else on this model.
[email address edited out]

i send you a message vegethssj85, thanks

I want the original firmware of the same…can anybody pl share it…thanks

Hi OP, can u pl share it as you have found it…

the firmware is not even on asus website…thats bad

Hi OP i have sent u the PM so pl send it to me…

PL anybody help…