Asus DRW-24B3ST "E-Green" Revision "C" - cross-flashable?

Before someone tells me that there’s a thousand posts on this drive, I want to point out that I’m pretty sure this drive is not the same as other non-cross-flashable Revision C drives, namely because:

  1. This is the “E-Green” version
  2. This drive came with a stock 1.01 version which is unusual for Revision C drives
  3. I was able to easily dump both the firmware and EEPROM, which is reportedly impossible with Revision C drives

Here they are for download (For anyone would be kind enough to take a look at them):

You can open the chassis up and check the chipset. If it’s a MT1839LN, then it’s a ‘B’-series.

Will do… (Next time I get my hands on one of these, I no longer have it)

When is the last time Lite-ON used a non MediaTek chipset for a DVDRW (if ever)? Are the firmwares for drives with slightly different MediaTek chip revisions significantly different?

There are some LiteOn drives out considered to be rebadges of Optiarc drives (iHASx24 Y revision drives) or based on Optiarc design but with a little LiteOn-style programming included (iHASx24 W revision drives) that include NEC/Renesas chipsets. Outside of those drives, everything else has been MediaTek, including drives that were produced during the same span of time as these Y and W revision drives (A/B/C/D revision drives).

The firmware for these most recent MediaTek drives (A, B, C, D revisions) are different enough that flashing one over another will not work; there are other things that changed beyond chipset revision (and sometimes, in the case of going from C to D, the chipset remained the same while the internal design did not).

Ok, thanks very much for the clarification Albert…

If I can get my hands on another one of these drives, I’ll try to post pics of the internals. It’s unlikely, since my supplier doesn’t have any more stock.

Now they’ve replaced it with “DRW-24F1ST”. Any ideas on this model?

No idea whatsoever on that model. The only search result I could find on the internet would make it a Samsung drive. The Asus brand has been slapped on both LG and LiteOn models recently, so it would not surprise me at all for it to be a Samsung this time.

That’s a new one, hadn’t seen the F yet. The B and L drives have been LiteOn clones while the D has been LG.

I’m betting the F is a clone of the iHAS124 W.

ASUS DRW-24F1ST is rebadged Samsung SH-224BB, not LiteOn.

Thank you for this information. :flower:

Good info, that makes it first time Asus’ rebadging a Samsung drive.

Thank’s for the info. I have one this. But, the link is down. Can you repair this?


Flash dump from the archive is incorrect - it contains some random garbage data, not the firmware. Don’t even try to flash it into the drive!

Don’t know what methods you have tried now, but it may be possible with DOSFlash to get the fw as others have said, i have a thread for crossflashing C revisions that has links to the files you need…may try that?