ASUS DRW_24B1LT Reflash firmware to version 1.00


I have had my 24B1LT for some years now. It used to work great with ImgBurn but last year I sort of had a lapse in judgement and flashed the firmware to 1.03 from 1.00. Now I don’t get as consistent burns as I used to. Plus I use EAC to rip my owned CD’s to FLAC for my phone and a crippled or broken DVD-CD drive isn’t helping. I have used Memorex DVD+R and Verbatim DVD+R but neither one gives a successful burn so I would like to restore my ASUS firmware to the original firmware. Is this possible and where should I look to find answers? Thanks!


ASUS DRW-24B1ST Firmware v1.00 is all they offer. Try it & see if it allows a downgrade.


I did try the downgrade on firmware from 1.03 to 1.00 and it is a vast improvement over what I had (v1.03). Before, I couldn’t write data to Verbatim DVD +R’s and now it does it without a problem. So glad to have my machine back! Thanks for the reply! Just to be clear my burner is ASUS DRW-24B1LT. It works great now! (So far…)


Cool. Looks like they MAY have pulled v1.03 as a bum release? As to model, ASUS support page seems to treat support as either/or:

“The ASUS DRW-24B1LT / 24B1ST is capable…”


I never saw a new firmware available from Asus. Where did you get the 1.03 from?


It’s been a year or so now but I’m pretty sure I remember getting it from the ASUS website via the ASUS “install” disc that came with the drive. When the disc loaded it had a box “update firmware” or something like that so I thought “Hey it will be better.” Well, it wasn’t. 1.03 crippled it so it wouldn’t write to DVD+R’s at least, because that is what I am trying to do… Verbatim DVD+R.
After I reflashed the firmware I can now burn Verbatim, and Imation DVD+R’s with no problem. And the drive now spins up, opens and closes the tray, etc. like it did when I bought it some time ago.
And in putting the “install” disc in I get the same thing. Only this time V1.00 is available again. ??
Asus date for version 1.03 is in 2010.


You can get it from here:

and for other ASUS drives you can have a look here:

PS. The ASUS DRW-24B1ST Firmware v1.00 firmware available on their website which was linked a few posts back is actually for a “DRW-24B1ST i” drive (which belongs to the ‘E’ family) not for the original DRW-24B1ST (which belongs to the ‘A’ family).