ASUS DRW-20B1LT Multi-DVD Burner Review



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ASUS DRW-20B1LT is a solid performer and a good choice for CD and DVD burning.

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No support for bitsetting? What crapola. Stay away from this guy. Hooey…


Hey, can you prove that bitsetting single layer media actually makes any difference to readability of the disc? I’m not even going to explain why I think it’s not necessary and why people who rave about it are pretty much just blowing steam out of their asses.


bitsetting certainly does…I have two machines that will not play +r DL without dvd-rom set…it is simple to program into firmware…more features are better. :r to this drive


Yes, bitsetting is VERY beneficial! I recently helped a buddy out with that very ability. His player does not like +R’s. But I suggested to him closing it -Rom and badda bing :B Probably consider getting this drive, even if it doesnt bitset. I have an aging asus MB still going STRONG. Obviously Asus is a manufacturer to be praised. :slight_smile:


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Just got this drive and it has burned a bunch of media (both DVD-R & DVD+R) that often resulted in coasters in my previous burner. Can’t comment on the quality, but the speed and compatibility seem first-rate. Paid $20 shipped at NewEgg after a $10 rebate. I’m sure the quality of the burns is fine, but if it were less than top-notch: would that mean that movies will have defects when played back on a DVD player? That data files would have trouble reading back on my PC? Or that music discs might not play in CD players? I doubt it, but I’m open to input on this. (Just in case, I always burn everything twice, once on -R and once on +R).


Why lightscribe on my drw-20b1lt is not working properly? Printed image is almost invisible and skewed by spyral.